CPSIA resolution elusive as deadline approaches

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Suzuki_DRZ-70.jpgIn one week, the sale of motorcycles intended for children twelve and under will be banned. Why? The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will illegalize the sale of all products intended for that age group that contain 600 parts per million of lead or more. Even though many kids ride, rather than eat, their motorcycles, CPSIA fails to make that distinction. Today, Honda issued a notice to its dealers that unless a last minute exemption is granted, sales of children’s motorcycles must cease by February 10.
Honda_CPSIA.jpgCPSIA will affect all manufactures and retailers of children’s
motorcycles, not just Honda. Quite frankly, with just a week to go,
we’re stunned that all we’ve heard of this is emails forwarded from
dealers. This is a serious threat not only to the short-term profits of
motorcycle makers and dealers, but to their long-term health. Fewer
children riding motorcycles means fewer future customers. Let’s hope
that external indications of a negligent industry belie some serious
behind-the-scenes action.

  • http://www.coloradoeuro.com Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles

    How about changing the intended use of the motorcyles in question? For example, the CRF-50 is intended to be sold to those older than 12 as a pit motorcycle and for “recreation”. CRF-150, sure, it was meant to be sold to small and light weight women.

    If a 8 year old ends up on it, and it’s “original manufactur’s intent for use” was that of a guy hanging out near his pickup at a race, then who is to blame? No one……right?

    • motonut

      It will be just like the ATV age requirement problem that dealers have to put up with. They will send people in checking to see if we are selling them to age approiate buyers, just hoping to catch a dealer with some young salesman making the mistake of saying “yeah, your kid is probably big enough to ride this vehicle”, then aha; “Gotcha -Big Fine + Training for the entire staff on 1st warning, 2 more times and the manufacturer has to shut down your franchise. Just more BIG Daddy watching over you. KGB?

  • DoctorNine

    What a great idea. The margin of dealerships is hanging by a thread, so let’s do something that ensures less sales. That way we can shutter as many of them as possible. I mean after all, motorcycles are the most efficient internal combustion people moving machines on the planet. We wouldn’t want kids learning that, and actually choosing to commute efficiently, would we? No, never.

  • http://www.osetbikes.com LouOSET

    We make electric motorbikes for kids. Ages 4 to 10, which are great to learn on but also for competition level Trials (BMX with a motor) Unfortunately we can’t pretend our bikes are for 12 and over, and the Gov has already said that won’t work. Our paint meets the new levels but there is inacessable lead in the frames, spokes etc just like the Hondas and Yamahas. Also every motorcycle electric and gas powered has a ‘sealed’ lead acid battery. There are no excemptions even though a kid would never get at the lead.
    The law had good intentions but terrible unintended consequences. It’s not only bikes, but bicycles, clothes, helmets, ski gear, scientific equipment for schools, even the desks in schools, and kids will also have to be banned from libraries. Heaven forbid they might learn to question their governments actions!

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    I’ve always been of the position people shouldn’t have the choice of what to do with their money.

  • http://www.hrcusa.com motonut

    Looks like you all get the point from what I read. I’m the one sending out those letters from the manufacturers to the online press as I receive them here at the dealership. I am still astonished that the manufacturers are not screaming at the press everywhere, instead it takes a concerned dealer to get the word out. Maybe they are scared of any bad press, but in my opinion that is why these kind of bills get in the system, not enough response. Of course this one sneaked in under the wire with a very short response time too, which didn’t help. Another example of Big Government going over board in response to a different issue. People demanded action on all those chinese toys coming in with too much lead content, well this is how our government responds!! One thing for sure, it will definately kill a lot of the chinese ATV and MC products which personally I don’t mind, as long as the high quality Japanese stuff wasn’t included, unfortunately it is. Needless to say I am having a fire sale right now on all those products, just in case. Very sad. I hope it gets rectified, but have a feeling their will be several months or even an entire year before it does causing more undeserved stress on all those dealers feeling the current economic crunch. One thing after another…..

  • mototom

    Welcome to the nanny state boys and girls and to those of you who think these are unintended consequences, you are incredibly naive. This is big government at its best…..coercion to keep you safe from yourself and conicidently to collect big fines along the way. Same logic as spending money to convince people to drive less and to do it in high mileage vehicles then taxing them more for doing so.
    Stay tuned the best is yet to come.

  • Doug

    I just called my congressman.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    My brother just picked up a CRF70 and 80 for half-price each here in Conroe Texas. Half!

  • http://www.sawingservices.com Rick Wall

    Why don’t we include the automobles that ferry the children to school, day care and little league.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught my child sucking on the wheel weights or drawing his name in the brake dust that accumulates on the rims.

  • jconli1

    just noticed the local Suz dealer’s sign on my way into work, “ALL KIDS BIKES AND QUADS BELOW COST!”


  • Art

    This is just pathetic and rude!

  • Hunter

    this is freaking rediculous!

  • bruceleroy

    this legislation should go a long way toward curbing the brake lever eating epidemic that’s ravaged our nation’s youth for the last 50 years.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    Holy Fucking Crap! I can’t believe this is actually happening.

  • Shear'Ree

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  • Shear'Ree

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  • Shear'Ree

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  • http://www.deanmoore.us Dean Moore

    I guess this is change you can believe in?

    elections have consequences.

    we need to flush the whole group, and repeal about 70% of these oppressive and controlling statutes.
    there were already laws in place banning lead in paint in kids toys, this new law expanded that to making thrift shops test for lead in donated clothes, putting many out of business last week. now where do poor people go for clothes? macys?

    unelect them all…

    • Kristie

      Thank you for saying “unelect them all”
      Pelosi is a horses A**. I have been on a dirtbike since I was 8 years old. I just restored my 1981 XR80 and she runs like she did 29 years ago. What memories I have with this girl. My dad and mom bought this for me and they went without something to do it. I lost my dad 1 year ago at age 61. You know what, It’s the memories that I have when I look at my dirtbike and I feel young again and see my dad and I working on it. I bought a 2006 CR80F brand new and went to Tom Clark Motorsports and saw the 2009 CRF150R on the floor, Black, Holy smokes is she pretty. I want to trade my CR80 in and pick this one up. Guess what, can’t happen. They won’t take my bike. Well, They lost this business, not due to them personally, but this retarded congress that we have. SOMEBODY BETTER GET A HOLD OF THIS CONGRESS. So, the ones that voted for Obama, HOW IS IT WORKING OUT FOR YA? This has to be the most far fetched law, well, other than 4 billion dollars in the stimulus package to protect a mouse in california, that is going to affect the kids to have memories like I did. You know what folks, it’s this kind of shit that is making the american people go crazy. Unable to have a nice day, the stupidity of our government (thank you democrats) that are going to bring this country down. Hide and watch! (they are picking on little dirtbikes, how big of them)!!!!!!!

      • troy

        the Consumer Product Safety improvement Act was passed by congress with the yes votes of 45 democrats and 32 republicans. 13 republicans voted no. The bill was signed into law on August 14th 2008 by George Bush.

  • http://www.familyclassroom.net Heather Idoni

    Here is a Dr. Seuss style story about the CPSIA –


  • A2 moto

    Sorry I’m late to the party,I just found out. I am outraged to say the least. This one was sneeky, I go to the track alot and did’nt here anything till today. whats next to change the end of national anthem ( Land of the week and the home of the lame)?

  • http://www.club-penguin.org/ club penguin cheats

    That way we can shutter as many of them as possible. I mean after all, motorcycles are the most efficient internal combustion people moving machines on the planet. We wouldn’t want kids learning that, and actually choosing to commute efficiently, would we? No, never.