Details: Husaberg 70˚ cylinder engine

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Fitted to both the Husaberg FE 450 and 570, this 70˚ cylinder not only optimizes mass-centralization, but moves the gyroscopic forces of the crankshaft as close as possible to the center of gravity and lays the cylinder almost flat, thereby eliminating the enduro’s tendency to upright itself under power. Ground clearance is also increased, not the degree to which the header is tucked out of the way behind the skid plate. But Husaberg didn’t stop there, comprehensively maximizing the mass-centralization throughout the rest of the components.
Despite the conventional location of the fill cap, the translucent fuel
tank is actually composed of several cells pushed downwards towards the
engine and rearwards under the seat. This creates space smack dab in
the middle for the airbox. The weight of the 2.25 gallons of fuel is
thereby pushed towards the center of gravity and in its usual place is
goes lightweight airbox. This arrangement also optimizes the flow of
air into the 42mm throttle body.

The subframe is composed of a composite plastic to
decrease weight at the rear extremity. Check out how it neatly
incorporates handles underneath the seat.

While Husaberg takes place in Austria care of its owner, KTM, the
design and engineering are still carried out in Sweden, leading to a
uniquely exotic product built KTM’s high standards. Sales, parts and
servicing are also handled by KTM dealers.


  • sam

    possible street bike application?

  • Ian

    The design is actually done in Austria at the same firm that does KTM. Though ironically this one was done by a Swedish designer that happened to be working in Austria at the time,, if that makes any sense.

  • JR

    This seems perfect for a light streetbike application. Probably once a week I go out onto the internet and search for a small single cylinder steetbike with a larger displacement engine like this in the U.S. but to no avail!

    Pretty please…