Givi XPLUS combines half-face freedom with full-face safety

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Givi_XPLUS_2.jpgAlways wanted the comfort, unrivaled vision and, well, exposed faceness of an open-face helmet, but wanted the instantaneous option of full-face safety? Thanks to the Givi XPLUS you know have it. The helmet maker claims that the big difference between this and a regular flip-up like, say, a Schuberth C3 is that, even with the visor down, you have unimpaired peripheral vision. Compared to a Roof Boxer V8, the chin piece is actually structural and capable of connecting to the helmet’s chassis in such a way that it contributes to safety.
Givi_XPLUS_1.jpgThe XPLUS attempts to offer similar all-weather flexibility to the Givi
, with swappable vents for winter or summer use. Essentially the
vent covers can be removed to ensure they’re fully open at all times
when it’s really hot. Also present is a flip-down tinted sun visor.

We really like the jet fighter-like look of the XPLUS, which, combined
with the flexibility, makes this a really appealing package for
round-town riding. The helmet is EC certified as a full-face, which
should mean your pretty face’ll be safe when the visor is down. Want
one? They’re not out yet, but Urban Rider can hook you up when they

Urban Rider

  • beatpusher

    How much do you guys get paid to post garbage like this and pass it off as cool? Sometimes your on point and sometimes your in leftfield.

  • Design Ronin

    I thinks it’s called pertinent news? You might not like it but others do. I personally find it interesting, though it’s ‘not my thing’.

  • v

    it looks like it would be very difficult to open whilst riding..also i don’t like the fact that you apparently can’t raise the visor without lifting the whole front section
    not a big fan of open face helmets(except on city riding in scooters) but i would wear an open face anyday instead of wearing a flip-up..flip-up helmets are the worst of the bunch,they aren’t even designed to be flipped while riding..out here in central europe most riders wear full face helmets..if you’re stuck in traffic just raise the visor..we also wear full leathers most of the times..which i have to say i haven’t really seen while visiting the us especially on the harley guys and funny enough on the sportbikes riders as well

    • Wes

      Here’s what Grant and I wear: Standard Issue

  • urban rider

    @ v.

    you are absolutely correct, it needs 2 hands to open whilst riding which is a downside. Also you can’t raise the visor on its own, which would matter greatly to me when buying a helmet.

    We said the exact same things to Givi when they showed us the helmet. I think it will sell reasonably well on the following basis. How many helmets are there which have the visibility and comfort of an open face, with full face protection? I stopped riding with my open face helmet after I had a spill and mashed the front of my full face, so I’m looking forward to trying an XPLUS.

    Whatever you think of the XPLUS, it’s good to see a company really trying hard to innovate and improve the usability and design of helmets.

    They also showed us an open face which has different designs which can be interchanged like a mobile phone fascia, it was really clever. I’ll send Wes the video soon.

  • Ian

    Unlike the other comments I really like this helmet. Any idea if they are going to sell in the US.

  • Dan

    Any word on price?

  • v

    @urban rider i like the concept behind it(never said it was a crap helmet) but i pointed out the things that i think should be reworked;i am glad you guys feel the same
    givi makes a similar helmet, it’s also has a quirky design but it’s a bit more usefull..from my point of view at least
    @wes thank you for the info ;i like the street gear.i have a teknic violator jacket for the summer which i either wear with a pair of gimoto perforated leather pants or a pair of jeans,depending on how laizy i feel, i always wear my vendramini vr 500 boots although they do get a bit hot when it’s warm i find the protection invaluable,shark rs2 helmet,short cuff gloves

  • nazar

    how much it is ?

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