GUM-A-MAMA gives the biker wallet its coolness back

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GUM-A-MAMA’s wallets, billfolds and bags play off custom seat and hand-grip stitching patterns and color motifs from the biker culture of the ’60s and ’70s. But this little company doesn’t just mass produce a bunch of crappy goods fit for a Wal-Mart discount kiosk in the auto section. Instead, it’s making the finest line of intricately folding, hand-stiched leather goods we think we’ve ever seen.

Based in fashion-forward Kobe Japan, GUM-A-MAMA reinforces the moto theme of their line with names like Ace, Speedline and our favorite, the Ghost, who’s multiple flaps and folds look like some kind of crazy Rorschach origami.

The diamond patterns used across the entire line as well as the double stripes and stamps are executed with a fanatic attention to detail. Even the metal rings are branded in a discreet and stylish manner. In fact, the only thing we really take issue with are the tassels on some of the briefcases, but hey, one man’s tassely case might be another woman’s righteous purse, no?

Don’t get your hopes up, though, if you’re planning on running over to your favorite spot in the States for your new wallet. While GUM-A-MAMA is sold throughout Japanese and European boutiques, they’re naturally too cool for the US at the moment.

GUM-A-MAMA via M&M Motorcycle

  • Remy

    These may be hand-made and sturdy, but they’re the most hideous, terribly designed bags I’ve ever seen. They also appear to be bulky and annoying to actually use.

  • geonerd

    i dunno, man. “biker culture” is definitely not what i’m thinking when i see tassled pink leather handbags and shiny, buckled accessories. the wallet is cool.

    • Chris

      so Geonerd, you haven’t spent much time around Harley’s and their owners huh?

      • geonerd

        number of HD bikes in my family = 3

        number of pink leather man-purses = 0

  • Design Ronin

    Def. not feeling the love from these things. Could just be me but they are…. just a bit….overblown?

  • mototom

    Ahhh, this is joke right? Whats next, a Village People commemorative edition? May be direct sales to the local H.O.G. chapters?

  • Dimitri

    One word….. kitch. The Japanese can do much better than this. I award this the absolute bad taste award.

  • chili sv

    They’re decent women’s accessories. They are women’s right?

  • Urban Rider

    Interesting. I can see the kind of rider who buys a Lewis Leathers jacket going for these.

    Lewis is huge in Japan, but the market for this stuff in Europe and US has got to be tiny. I like a couple of the designs but if I saw them in your average fashion store I wouldn’t particularly notice they are ‘biker’ inspired.

  • sam

    feminine and ridiculous.
    or perhaps just japanese

  • Tasso

    Do you hear that? It’s the sound of hellforleather being deleted from my bookmarks.