It's now illegal to sell children's motorcycles in America

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CPSIA_Motorcycle.jpgPhoto: Terry Wha

As of today, the sale of any motorcycle intended for children 12 and under is illegal. This includes both new and used machines, any replacement parts that may contain lead and even any service or warranty work that may replace lead-containing parts. Attempting to sell bikes like Honda’s popular CRF50F as anything other than a children’s product is also illegal and, as soon as August, could result in fines of up to $15 million.


Honda has issued a helpful FAQ to its dealers explaining the ins and
outs of CPSIA and how it affects motorcycles sales. We can’t detail the
law as well as they can, so we’ve embedded it above. It should be noted
that CPSIA affects all manufacturers of children’s motorcycles in
addition to many other products.

The whole situation can be summed up by one line in the FAQ:
Q – Does the lead used in these products pose any health risk?
A – No.”

As we’ve stated before, we’re shocked and a little scandalized that the
industry hasn’t done a better job of calling attention to the impact of
CPSIA. The only mainstream media article we’ve seen in relation to
CPSIA and children’s motorcycles appeared in The New York Times’ Wheels
, which first heard of it by reading Hell For Leather.

So what will happen now? Manufacturers and the motorcycle industry will
continue to lobby the Children’s Product Safety Commission for an
exemption, but, by their own admission, this will take at least several
months. If you want to help, contact your Congressman.

In case you haven’t been following it, click here for the rest of our CPSIA coverage.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin.

  • Marshall Haas

    I can’t believe this actually happened.

    As stated, its not like kids will be sucking on the frame of their motorcycles. No more 50′s whatsoever?

    If this stays into affect it is going to put a damper on getting kids racing experience from a young age like the kids of Europe.

    Think of the super stars of racing… Many of them began racing at a young age (12 and under)

  • will

    The ability to teach your kids to responsibly use transportation is anathema in the face of the possibility that they might gnaw on the fairings.

  • fasterp

    I will petition my congressman to ban silverware from any table that could possibly seat a child.

    Forks are pointy, knives are sharp, and children must be protected at all costs.

    Eating like cavemen is hardly a sacrifice to save kids the trouble of developing common sense.

  • DoctorNine

    Maybe a little help from The One, now that he’s president? This is a jobs dealie, someone could play that angle. In all honesty, I am not optimistic. We have entered into a new era of Big Government, and this looks like the kind of bureaucratic bungle that we are going to see more and more often.

  • zip22

    DoctorNine, this was signed on August 14th 2008 by George W Bush

    It passed the House 407 Ayes, 0 Nays, 25 Present/Not Voting.

    It passed the Senate 79 Ayes, 13 Nays, 8 Present/Not Voting.

  • Sasha Pave

    For Fuck Sake!

    Let’s think of more ways to screw up the economy. I have twin boys who are 4 years away from their first bikes. I’ll break the law and smuggle bikes in from Canada if I have to.

  • Mike Greenwald

    Yep folks, keep lowering the standards in government for some other group of well meaning idiots and what the hell is next?

    By the time I was twelve I was on 500cc.

    Damn these people to a life in Guantanamo.

  • moto1203

    Hi there,

    the most interesting question is regarding the definition – intended for children 12 and under – are there more specifications like size, cc and hp in (CPSIA)?

    Otherwise – how do you rule a kids bike a bike “intended for children 12 and under”?



  • Ben Part

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    my 2 year old daughter already has a 50cc supermotard given to her for her birthday. The word ‘illegal’ is not yet in her repertoire.

  • Ben Part

    Nicky Hayden RIP – his first flat track race was at aged 3
    What are the toddler future stars meant to do in the mean time?
    just juggle teddy bears?

  • jconli1

    yer lookin’ at this all wrong! the point of the new law is to toughen our kids up and bring up the next generation of AMERICAN motorsport domination.

    let’s face it… 50ccs are for PANSIES and EUROPEANS. “my” toddler (questionable paternity) is sitting on a 125 right now with stars in his eyes. he don’t have to get off until i say he’s done riding, and 2nd gear should be all he needs to worry about for the first few weeks. we’ll figure out some kind of wood blocks on the shifter or summat for later.

    quit yer whinin’ and slap ‘em kids on a real bike. no guts, no glory.

  • Shawn

    This should really help out the economy. We’re in a damn recession where there’s very little consumer confidence and almost no spending. So lets take something that people are actually buying and ban that. That way even more people can be layed off due to lack of sales.

  • jeremy

    They’re talking about something like this in Canuckistan, so your importing hopes and dreams might be crushed too. We usually follow suit on most laws you yanks can conjure up.

    Hell, there’s a private member’s bill in Ontario that could ban anyone under 14 years old from riding as a passenger on a bike.

  • Rocco

    Verbatim from the press release:
    “Lead content standards applicable in Europe allow up to 2,000 ppm, and even plumbing fixtures in the United States are allowed to have lead content much higher than that now imposed by the CPSIA for Children’s Products.”
    Maybe they are planning to right the economy with bottled water sales.
    Insider trading tip… buy stock in Pepsi, Coke and Nestle.

  • still free not stupid

    bla-bla-bla….if its such a big deal, must be if it has come to this, how about a warning lable affixed to the bike such as the ones on every pack of cigarets or cans of tobacco warning the consumer of the danger? let the consumers decide if its bad for their kids. this is the exact behavior that is causing our great country to regress because of stupidity and lack of common sense instead of progress. seceed from the fuckers and do what you want. LET EM RIDE!

    • Tina

      This is the best coment I have heard. What you stated says it all.

  • Mitch

    When kids’ bikes are outlawed… only outlaw kids will ride bikes.

    Oh, and nominate jconli1 for comment of the moment.

  • Jack Tabor

    This is pure stupidy and why we have lost our country.

  • chris

    This is crap I had my 1st bike long before 12 I don’t ever remember chewing on it. Hell my little brother was riding his dirtbike at 3 he seems fine to me. This is crap man.

  • pizzed off

    CPSIA = “The Grinch who stole Christmas”

    … & We trust our childrens safety to these idiots???

  • Dana

    WTF now I’ll have to buy my son a 125 and fab up some training wheels THIS SUCKS!!

  • keith

    Another case of we’er to dumb to live our lives the way we see fit.

  • Jeff Woodland

    this is bull shit my daughter just turned 1 i was going to get her a bike next year i still ride 50s

  • DoctorNine

    zip22: “..this was signed on August 14th 2008 by George W Bush…”

    Yeah, you noticed that too?
    Thus my asking for help from The One.
    What odds you give me he will?
    You know the answer to that, don’t you?

  • Hoologan

    This is the most depressing sign of our times that I have ever seen. What’s next?

  • C Hamill

    I would suggest that all makers of small bikes “originaly intended” for users under 12 years old, revise their marketing to “verticaly challenged” 13 year olds and over.

  • OPEtaperunner

    Go to hell if you think i’m paying property tax on something i’m being forced to own…We have completely lost control of our government and our lives. Fuck you America, it’s our guns, our bikes, our reefer….God fucking damnit

  • bobby

    I think this is bull shit my sons have been riding when they was 4years old and know they are 6-13

  • ghostrider

    I can’t beleave that somebogy thinks that a motor cycle is harmful to a kid becouse ther is lead in the bike. THEY RIDE THEM NOT EAT THEM!!!!!!!!!
    dont take the fun from the kids put warrning signs on the bike (dont eat me) my suns are 12 and 14 thank goodness but what about ther kids it is plane BULL SHIT!

  • jim mcneil


  • O-shit

    This is just the start of our great government! They are going to be telling us when, where and how to take a shit before long. Meters on wells and septic systems. They are taking over our kids early so it will be easier to take over the world. Why do you think they are trying to take homeschooling away? Only to have ‘thier’ teachers teaching’thier’ ideas to OUR children! This (so called) country is doomed. The only help we will get is to look up for help and guidence
    Slap a warning sticker on there that says -”To Ride NOT To Eat, Lick or Chew”


  • 50 outlaw

    wow! you wanted change america lol

  • Nick

    This wasn’t signed into law by the current Administration, it was signed by President Bush in August of 2008. But I’m sure all you incredibly informed people blaming President Obama and his Administration already knew that.

  • Jennifer

    I’m still amazed this really happened. So much for the new CRF50 for my 4-year old. I hope all of you are doing what I’m doing….writing your Reps and Congressmen. I think it’s time for the AMA to organize a march. :-)

  • jason

    Nancy Pelosi is heading this issue with no regard to the fact that there have been NO reported incidents of lead poisoning from these motorcycles. Here is her Number, call her and tell her what you think (202)225-4965. There is a senator whom is trying to deal with this issue, here is the website

  • Jack

    If the true intent of the government is the safety of children, then why not ban swimming pools. More kids die in pool accidents each year than any other recreational accident. We know that won’t happen because the people who are making these rediculous laws have pools for their children and grandchildren and that would be “infringing” on their right to own pools. Oh yeah, don’t teach your kids how to work on cars either. There’s enough lead there to kill half the population of Washingtonstan.

  • Firefishe

    If the CCPSC is concerned about the lead, then why not just stop using lead in the construction of such bikes, and leave it to the larger bikes, cars, or any other adult-oriented, full size vehicle?

    Lead is a known environmental hazard, anyway, so why have it in a motorcycle designed for children in the first place?

    Raw material cost may be a bit greater, but if the lead is the primary issue, then I suggest to just stop using lead in the construction process for recreational vehicles intended for children.

    Also, if the bike or ATV gets damaged, no lead parts remain to contaminate the ground.

  • AMN

    I think lead was the scape goat. Take a read of this article you will will see the AMA had an agenda years ago. As an Aussie i’m really surprised your country has allowed this to happen!

  • Robert

    Why don’t you all put the big bore kits in your 50′s?then they are not 50′s…unless it’s a size isue with the bikes but there also is the crf70 which is a good lertner bike too.
    I have a miniature pony farm and sell these mini horses,but my farm is next to a lead mine so no guarantees on the health of the horsies so no eat the pony poop ok?

  • ike6116

    This honestly makes me want to join the AMA, though Im not sure what good it would do it feels like they are the group that would fight this horse shit. Apparently my childhood is now illegal. The whole reason I fell in love with dirt bikes was getting to ride a 50 when I was a kid. My first bike was an RM80… What the fuck. Once women have children they just shouldn’t be allowed to vote anymore.