Knox upgrades 2009 Kompact back protector

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Knox_Kompact_Back_Protector.jpgAlready one of the most convenient back protectors on the market, Knox has thoroughly redesigned the Kompact for 2009, making it safer, more comfortable and easier to wear. The Kompact is the only back protector we’d use that also rolls up for easy transport and storage. That, combined with its snug fit and slim profile removes the most common barriers to back protector acceptance: that they’re inconvenient to carry off bike, uncomfortable or won’t fit under jackets.
By employing an internal honeycomb structure, the new model becomes the
lightest CE-approved back protector on the market without sacrificing
safety. Comfort is improved by the use of wide stretchable straps that
fit over the shoulders and waist. The company claims that the waist
strap also serves as a posture aid, further improving on-bike comfort
over long distances. A Knox chest protector can be retrofitted, further
augmenting safety.

I was wearing another, similar Knox back protector when I crashed last
April. In that crash, despite wearing an Arai RX-7 Corsair and an
Alpinestars suit, I gave myself a severe concussion and shattered my
left arm. My back was the largest uninjured area on my body. Once
you’ve experienced the reassuring safety of a real back protector, like
this Kompact, you’ll never be comfortable riding without on again.


  • shamowfski

    Do you have a recommended U.S. distributor? My fiancee works on wrecked spines everyday. She’ll be on board with this purchase.

    • Wes

      I don’t think these are in shops yet, but a quick search on eBay turned up a bunch of Knox back protectors.

  • chili sv

    That looks exceptionally thick, potentially altering the fit of the jacket or suit its worn beneath.

  • Jason

    Knox does have a USA distributor, I believe out of Missouri.

    Their website/store is

    The website also has helpful videos demonstrating and comparing the Knox products.

    • Wes

      Great link, thanks Jason. I’m going to go order some stuff there now.

    • Ben

      I believe that store is tied together with the well-regarded group. Good folks over there and a lot of great info.

  • Gecko

    Ill second the comment.
    they are great people