Motobecane Motivo recharges dashingly

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Recognizing that a stylish electric urban runabout is essentially a mobile luxury good, the Motobecane Motivo seeks to make interaction between man and machine equivalent to a fancy set of luggage or a nice piece of furniture. The leather suitcase occupying the traditional tank/engine area is, in fact, the battery pack. It detaches into an easily portable form that wouldn’t look out of place being taken upstairs into a snooty office or posh apartment eliminating both the biggest complaint about electric bikes — they’re hard to recharge — and the biker stereotype.
Our favorite part of the Motivo is actually the way Spanish designer
Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez has incorporated old-fashioned tactility
into a thoroughly contemporary concept. Items like the wooden grips,
cork saddle and leather battery case are immediately evocative of
function and a classic sense of blue-blooded adventure, we’d love to
see something similar incorporated into a future café racer or street

The Motivo would look perfect complemented by a functional tweed riding
suit from Nick Ashley or Dashing Tweeds, allowing riders to eschew
traditional biker chic in favor of something more civilized.

Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez via The New Cafe Racer Society

  • Tip

    Groovy, Ill take two.

  • DoctorNine

    That’s all well and good, but somehow I’m thinking that any effete bastard attracted to such a ride, isn’t going to do very well after splashing through garbage filled pothole puddles in the winter rain, and lugging his fetid, salt encrusted leather case upstairs to the office. Let’s see… plug it in while dripping, or carry perfumed towelettes to cleanse it before the electrical coitus? Color me unconvinced.

    • modelasian

      Have you seen the effete Romans or Parisian bankers risking 2 stroke stains on their suits, as they do the traffic circle Le Mans commute to work?
      I agree that this thing would probably never make it through a rainstorm, however those crafty Euros all seem to have scooter cover/hand and leg blanket things, so who knows. I wish we had those over here.

  • Gaz

    Just looking at that sharp corner on the battery bag makes my balls hurt!

  • Remy

    That’s the worst 3D model/concept I’ve ever seen.
    The dimensions are like a cartoon and they’ve conveniently left off all the parts that actually make it work. Oh well, at least there’s fuzzy depth of field… :/

  • Ken

    Welcome to Hell for Lego.

  • artimus

    But its so fashionable, which is clearly the most important part.

    • Aaron

      That is exactly right. This is a fashion concept and all it is suppose to do is look good. This is not a bike manufacturer rolling out a concept to a show that needs to be highlighting new tech or functionality.

      This is a refreshing take on an inner city runabout. All the electric bikes from manufacturers either look like conventional bikes or like bricks and none of them address the problem of parking on the street with no outlet, the most likely scenario in any city.

      Frankly, I’d like to see more manufacturers use such elegant materials. There’s no such thing as a classy motorcycle right now. You have to choose between the biker look or the crotch rocket look or drop a wad of cash to have something custom made.

  • Design Ronin

    This is an interesting and solid CONCEPT. Locally scooter sales are through the roof which proves that the majority of people are more interested in ‘easy’, cost effective transportation than are in ball tearing performance bikes.

    I like it and while it has many unanswered and unresolved elements, it’s an interesting and refreshing concept that in the current market place has a wad of merit. With some of the attitudes expressed here to such ideas, I’m surprised we’re not still riding 1930′s technology and calling it ‘now’….. oh… old on…..

  • Zac

    I don’t know if its true that there is no such thing as a classy, high fashion, affordable bike:

    This royal enfield looks pretty class to me and is pretty cheap. Not saying its the best bike, nor the fastest, but it neither screams “biker” nor “crotch rocket” Add some nice high end touch ups and you can still get one for under $6,000.

  • Telekom

    I too would worry for my nuts when braking hard. Looks quite fancy but quite feminine though. And I bet a lady also wouldn’t want her sensitive bits thumped off the corner of a briefcase on the way to work.