Nick hearts Honda Hobbits

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Our friend Nick is a peculiar young man. He was the first person in the country to buy a Smart ForTwo. Now, he’s swapped that for two even smaller vehicles: a brace of Honda Hobbit mopeds that he keeps in his bedroom. We’ll let him explain.

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I Heart My: Honda Hobbits

  • SCott

    coolest thing on the blog since the lockheed lounge

    • Wes

      Thanks. Nick’s my personal hero.

  • Sam

    That was utterly charming.


  • Will

    Nick’s more than my hero, he’s my cousin.

    Go Nick and see you at the wedding this summer!!!!



  • donny

    Oh Nick, you trendy NYC hispter wanna-be. The irony of you actually loving a Honda Hobbit is utterly lame. Hop on the moped army bandwagon why don’t you and call yourself cool. I rode a Honda Hobbit back in the day, waaaaay back in the day. Mine too was yellow with motherfucking white baskets. You know you want the baskets but you ain’t man enough. And mind you, this was in a suburban town full of truck driving knuckleheads in the early 80s. Not so friggin’ cute and a serious threat to one’s safety. Given that it was my only mode of motorized transportation, I rode the little yellow bitch and rip it up. I too loved her, secretly and sometimes openly. But it sure wasn’t cool and nobody had a website and hipster weekend rides devoted to them/it. So while you think you may be a cuties trendsetter, you are far from it brother. You don’t really love your Hobbit, you love following the trends and not seeking out your own path. Whoa, somehow I feel better now. It needed to be said.

    • Grant

      Those must have been rough, dark days, donny. My uncle bought two in 1981 that my sister, cousins and I rode through the streets of my small town between our houses. Can’t imagine doing that as an adult then.

      But it’s okay now, donny. We’re glad you feel better, but cry time’s over. This is the end of the Oh’s, and these days the little Hobbit is totally cooler than Hummers. So go pull your yellow, white-basketed love out of your parent’s garage and gett’er running. You don’t have to be jealous of the young kids anymore, and you can even join those hipster sites you’ve been lurking. Just post a photo from the old days. They’ll think you’re the bees knees. Promise.

    • Paul Cretini

      I bet you were a douchebag way back in the day too Donny. Get a life.

    • terminator

      Do you really speak the way you write ?
      Surly you can’t, its soooo yesterday

  • Loud Proud 'n' Punk

    Sorry guys but Donny is right. No need to be so hard, anyway, but he is still absolutely right. I’ve got a ’79 vespa primavera and I love it as a beautiful piece of nostalgia but it really sucks to ride it. And if I ride by and people smile and ask and try to be friends it makes me feel stupid. Nick do yourself a favour and go for the XR650 as soon as you can! (and you won’t need to blog the advantages of your motorcycle)

  • odysseas

    Man that is the bike that got me into motorcycling in the first place (through the backdoor since my parents wouldn’t let me have a “proper” 50cc bike). I will always love it for that. Mine is completely destroyed now since i tore it apart when i got my dt50… in ’96. I’ve been looking for one for the last year with no luck :(

    It was called honda camino in greece, and was never very popular… i think the greeks like italian garlli’s (not sure about he name) when in comes to mopeds.