One Crazy Ride travels to India's Hidden Land

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Brought to you by the same people who made Riding Solo to the Top of the World, One Crazy Ride chronicles the adventures of five riders as they beat a path through the uncharted wilderness of India’s Himalayan state of Arunachal Pradesh. If that’s not enough awesome for you already, they’re on beat up old Royal Enfields and similar using jerry-rigged gear and riding without communication with or back up from the outside world.

This is the adventure touring ideal in its most pure form. It’s not
about new product or aluminum panniers, just pack your bags and go.
Neither is this a high budget production, but rather a labor of love by
five friends in all their cheesy glory. The DVD is available for pre
order right now, judging by this trailer, it beats the hell out of Long
Way Round

Dirt Track Productions

  • jconli1

    awesome… “Riding Solo” is way in front of the whiny Brits and head to head with On Any Sunday for moto video greatness as far as I’m concerned.

    Do yourself a huge favor and check out Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa if you like this kind of true adventure touring!

  • Monte

    That looks like a blast. I’m definitely going to have to pick up the DVD.

    If you haven’t seen or heard of it, I highly recommend you check out African Odyssey. Four friends on used bikes, little riding experience, a small budget and also with no backup ride from South Africa to London over 6 months.

    • Joe Moses

      Thanks Monte. I just watched the trailer and although I’m almost twice as old as the guys in the movie and little more crotchety, It looks fantastic. If I can’t do the trip, I definitely would love to see the movie.

  • Scott

    this makes up for the retarded BMW/R6 video

  • Design Ronin

    Cool stuff. Thanks for the post Wes – we love to see stuff like this that’s left of field from the usual.

  • Design Ronin

    Well, my above comment ended up on the wrong post! This is interesting too BTW ;)

  • David S

    I did this ride last summer on a Hero Honda Karizma 220cc bike. It was absolutely the most amazing trip of my life…

  • hoyt


  • ct

    every fuckin Indian serious cruiser biker performs such feats on fuckin Indian roads………. this is fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr.Danger

    This looks fantastic. I wish I could just grab a bike and travel across India.

  • David

    Hello, nice ride and nice pics…
    Landscapes are fabulous there.
    I did it few years ago (Royal Enfield 500 from Manali to the border) and it was published in France (VSD and Moto Journal) and Italy (Riders)
    Have a look there =


  • will

    I remember reading a feature in a British magazine a few years ago about an adventure race across northern India run on red-dirt-encrusted Royal Enfields by locals and being entranced by the photos and the Bullet ever since. Needless to say I will be buying this.

    Though I may be watching it on mute. I have to say I was ignorant to India’s adoration for tapping solos.

  • Patrick

    with all respect , but also check out Nick Sanders Parallelworld Regards From belgium,Patrick