Photos: Franky Zorn in Strömsund

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Photos: Rutger Pauw for Red Bull Photofiles

Austrian ice speedway racer Franky Zorn poses for the camera at the second round of the Santa Cup in Sweden, which he won.

  • Jonesy

    Those are some SERIOUS studs in there, hate to get my arm ran over in a wipe-out there ! Damn Ka-Damn

  • giggidy

    Goddamn!! Awesome! Not only is that going up as a background, but thats going up as a poster in the garage.

    … would crashing in snow be less painful?

  • Joyce

    Best speedway shots I’ve ever seen!

  • Zane

    Cool pics… I’ve always wanted to see an ice race in person

  • Anthony

    That guy has got some cajones for leaning that far in the ice. Awsome shots, definetly background worthy!

  • dave

    is it wrong for me to want those studs for riding in the city?

  • adrien