Stimulus grants motorcycles tax exemption

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The $787 billion includes tax cuts for new motorcycle purchases. Single and earn less than $125,000 a year? Married and earn less than $250,000? Planning to purchase a motorcycle that costs less than $49,500? Yes? Then congratulations, you’ll be able to deduct the price of its purchase sales tax from your 2009 tax return.
No, that doesn’t do much if you can’t currently afford a new
motorcycle, nor will it help the legions of citizens who are currently
jobless. We don’t even expect it to help dealers, who are currently
reeling after CPSIA banned children’s motorcycles. But, it could be
just enough to convince people already considering a purchase to go
ahead with it. That’s a good thing, right?

Us? We’re looking forward to an Iceland-like complete economic collapse. We didn’t stock up on these guns for nuthin’.

via Barack Obama

  • boo

    i thought you could deduct the sales tax on the purchase, not the price of the bike itself?

    • Wes

      Yeah, you’re right, corrected.

  • johnfschneider

    As much as I love motorcycles, and as much as I want a new motorcycle… this is absolutely asinine. WTF?

  • Jesse Ziegler

    I’m pawning my guns for bikes…or is it the other way around?

  • Mike Greenwald

    How long is the duration of the exemption and does the exemption include more than one motorcycle?
    Does the motorcycle have to come from a specific manufacturer or can the motorcycle be an assemblage of components and parts?
    Is there an exact reference within the stimulus bill that spells this out?

  • macfarlane.a

    not that I’m complaining, as I’m planning on buying my first bike this year, but it does seem weird to single out motorcycles for a sales tax deduction.

    It seems like the more obvious economic stimulus would come from a sales tax deduction on car purchases. After all, most riders wouldn’t drop $20k on a bike as willingly as most drivers would on a car.

    Perhaps the stimulus is framed within a larger effort to get people to stop pushing two tons of metal around with them,, thus reducing carbon footprints…

  • Jonesy

    This bill goes for on/off road bikes and cars are also included on another act… so its just to drive sales thius pushing the economy skyward!!!! … lol i don’t even believe it as im typing … Uncle Sam can blow me right now… Welcome to the Socialist States of America … oh and as a Dealer myself …
    F*** the CPSIA !

  • geonerd

    sales tax? what’s that?

    • Core

      Something that sucks really really bad.

      In my city it’s 6% of whatever you buy.. because when you buy things you should be taxed.. (it makes perfect sense doesn’t it?) Says in a lewisblack voice

      And with inflation..after all of this money that has been printed out of thin air…

      I don’t even want to think about it.. I think it’s time to start drinking.

  • itchface

    Jonesy, the whole red scare thing is so ’80′s! Big business got us into this mess and you want the gubmint to stay out of fixin’ it? So quaint, so naive…

  • geonerd


    I was wondering because here in montana we don’t have this sales tax you speak of. well good for you montana, you might say except that we have a much higher than average income tax. This is just one of about 700 other things that makes this state suck gorilla balls. Way to go politicians! They are the real heroes.

  • Bike Rider

    Hey folks,those ofyou who do not listen when spoken to need to have your ears cleaned,the package is about energy conservation and new sources of fuels,motorcycles get anywhere from 35 to as much as 75 miles to the gallon and in many states can be ridden 9 out of 12 months.They only use 2 tires ,do not damage the road systems like a car,are more fun to drive,and one of if not the most popular motrcycles in the world is Harley Davidson an American company,Get off the gun platform,grow up and do what your President asks of you,get another year of education,do something positive besides setting behind a damn computer all day and bitchin about things you have no real idea of whats going on,and all you gun guys I love my guns have plenty of them and for your infomation our Vice President is an avid gun colector and hunter,in a spaech by Obama he even said “guns and the control of them is not important in this country and he supports the right to have arms.” I am a Republican but I KNOW when change is needed and one change thats the most important is education not just for our children but adults as well,take a night course in welding,pharmacy tech,heating and air,anything but learn and think before you open your mouth,the Stimulis Package is desighned to put money back in the system,not dircetly in your pocket because of the lack of educated adults if the money was put in your pocket you waste it to fast thinking you desurve something that you dont need and thats whats put us where we are now.I have no debt only my house payment and thats it,I own 3 motorcycles a muscle car,a Mercedes Benz a 12 passneger van and a Caravan as well and my own bussiness of 23 years,all with just night courses in college and no degrees.My wife also has a very nice bussiness of her own as well for the past 12 years all with NO COLLEGE of any kind.My point if your where you are and not happy its your own fault!!!!!NOT THE PRESIDENTS.

  • ranger_ric

    Right on Rider! Tell it like it is! You might want to run a spell checker and grammar checker first, however …