Street-legal Zero S electric motorcycle priced at $9,950

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zero-s-render-1.jpgThere’s a street legal version of the 2009 Zero X on the way in the very near future and it’s just had a price put on it. It’s not currently clear what the $2,200 premium buys you except from road wheels, sports tires and lights, but with 50lb/ft of torque and 23bhp, the Zero S supermoto will be the fastest road legal electric motorcycle in production; expect a top speed of around 70mph and a 0-30mph time of around 2 seconds.
At $7,750 the Zero X makes a lot of sense over the larger, more
adult-sized competition from Quantya, but at $9,950 that
differentiation sort of disappears. Yes, the street-legal Quantya
only makes about half the torque at 24lb/ft, but it also brings
full size and conventional high-spec components to the Zero’s
bicycle-like size and running gear.

The Zero S will, however, have a range of up to 60 miles, which sounds
a bit better than the Quantya’s quoted 2.5 hours. The thing we’re
looking forward to most isn’t the zero emissions or kissing gas
stations goodbye, rather it’s the completely silent wheelies. It’s not
illegal if you can’t hear it. Right?


  • geonerd

    I might consider leasing one, but there’s no way I’d buy one this year or even next year. Better to let you guys be the guinea pigs and then pick one up after they’ve worked out all the bugs.

  • Christian

    Are these bikes designed by motorcycling art students or art students who want to be motorcyclists?

  • David Mucci

    Could that representation be any less detailed?
    It’s got air valves in the rims…but no hubs. Priorities.