Triumph engineered with Alpinestars clothing range combines Italian design, English motorcycles

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We’ve already showed you the Triumph engineered with Alpinestars clothing range in a leaked document, but here are the official photos. Based on existing mid-range Alpinestars gear, the line seeks to give Triumph dealers a high-quality range of sportsbike apparel to sell alongside extremely successful bikes like the 2009 Triumph Daytona 675, Triumph Speed Triple and Triumph Street Triple R.
Between Grant and I, we actually own all of these items in non-Triumph
Alpinestars form. The quality and safety of all the items is
particularly high and everything is thoroughly contemporary in its
look. The addition of Union Jacks, grey leather inserts and Triumph
logos does little to detract from the aesthetics and should appeal to
hardcore Triumph enthusiasts. Expect prices to match those of the
equivalent Alpinestars items, but bring the added benefit of you being
able to include that price in the finance deal with your new bike.


This Triumph gear is available on
  • Zeitgeist

    Wow it looks like some Alpinestar stuff witha tiny Triumph logo. I really liked the fact that most of Triumph stuff in the past was nicely understated. Now its got big “A” all over it. If I wanted Alpine gear I will buy it. It just looks like a cheap rebadging job. Kinda like moving majority of production to Thailand to save pounds. Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze.

    • geonerd

      that’s exactly what i was thinking.

      i know a lot of triumph guys, and none of them wear stuff like this on the street. but, if you look at the demographics on who’s buying 675′s this probably makes more sense.

    • Wes

      They still do their own range, but this is a new one specifically targeted at the sportsbike customer. We actually like that Triumph has acknowledges that it wasn’t doing a good enough job with clothing for that customer and found a solution that works.

  • sam

    theres definately two clashing demographics for triumph riders. this works real well for one of them though

  • Zeitgeist

    I am sportbike customer having two Triumphs, a Daytona and a Speed 4, I use them at track days and daily rides. I also have gear from many different companies too including A-Star.

    The point I was making the gloves and boots in particular are more A-Star Brand than Triumph. Triumph gear used to be very well made and the real issue has always been consumers complain about price and dealers are reluctant to stock it. Overall the A-Star partnership is good since it can lower development costs but spend an extra nickle on the boots and gloves to dial down the big A on them. It is Triumph gear produced by A-Star. It seems Triumph missed the pre-production sample and approved the larger branding of the supplier rather than the client(Triumph).