Zero Motorcycles Electricross: 24 hours off-road on batteries

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ZeroX_2009_Pluggedin.jpgOne of the most frequent objections to electric motorcycles is their range. Grant ran out of juice when he tested the 2009 Zero X electric dirt bike and had to push. Now, Zero Motorcycles plans to run the first ever all-electric off-road 24-hour endurance race and it’s open to all electric dirt bikes, ATVs and quads. That should put an end to range anxiety.
The 24 Hours of Electricross will run from April 4-5 in San Jose
California. Since Zero is essentially running the race as a marketing
event, with the aim of setting a Guinness World Record, there’s no
application fee to enter. Just head over to the Zero website and fill
out an entry form.

They aren’t giving any details on how they plan to extend the Zero X’s
range from 40 minutes to 24 hours, but our money’s on swapping
batteries at pit stops, that extension cord doesn’t look like it
stretches very far.


  • SpaceWeasel

    So how many packs will it take for them to keep running? Given that it has to take longer to charge one than it does to deplete, I figure that simply hot swapping two packs back and forth aint gonna cut it.

  • Will

    Would this be the first electric vehicle pit stop, then? How curious. I guess you wouldn’t have to worry about your butt falling asleep with no vibration and all.

  • DoctorNine

    This is an absolutely great idea. People forget that the original purpose of racing, was technological intervention. We are at the beginning of a brave new world in transportation tech, and this is actually a wild time to be alive. If people embrace the challenge, instead of becoming paralyzed with fear at the end of the dominance of the ICE, there is still fabulous hoonage to be had. Time to get creative, and try new stuff. Fear is the enemy. Do not let it win.

  • Seth Hershey

    Thanks Doc!