2009 Kushitani Nexus racing suit comes in millions of variations

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Kushitani’s latest range-topper, the Nexus, may be the coolest racing suit on the market. The company’s site allows for just about any possible color combination including metallics, variable font combinations, personalized patches, an option to ditch the unsightly logos and even a CamelPak in the aero-hump. In fact, the only constant is the pattern. >

Competing with racing suits from Alpinestars and Dainese, the Nexus comes with full body armor, detachable liner and a heavy dose of exotic materials including the super fiber Zylon, which is similar in strength to kevlar and is a regulated safety feature to line cockpits in F1 and Indy race cars. Water resistant K-foam gel is used heavily for shock absorption as well as wave-patterned trans-foam for the backbone.

The best part remains the near-infinite possibilities for customization in what has to be the greatest user interface for destroying productivity since the Yamaha Virtual Simulation. Just when we couldn’t take any more, we discovered we could make matching a matching set of GPW-1 boots and GPR gloves. And that’s when our heads exploded.

An entire custom outfit will put you back $3,356, which is still $143 dollars less than Dainese’s Tattoo YKZ sans boots and gloves. Even more amazing is that Kushitani isn’t limiting its custom services to the range-toppers. Go for cheaper a suit, boots and gloves and you’ll bring that figure down significantly.

After hours of grueling choices between No.13 Champagne Gold, No.23 Mint Green, No. 34 Rose Pink or No.29 Oriental Blue, we’ve arrived at these five ideas for custom suits.


  • Remy

    The suit may last a lifetime but your hipster color scheme’s have already dated them. :P

    I totally want to make some custom gloves now for my current suit.

  • Giggidy

    Gah my retina’s!! Good lord man! Thats more fluro than I care to see in my day to day. Are you designing your suits for Rick Astley?

  • Phil H

    I think your suit designs just fried my LCD monitor…

  • Remy

    Ok, I got caught up in the mix and started pricing out my organs on Craigslist. I want a second suit. The available designs and customization is outstanding.

  • AadmanZ`

    Dainese had that option three years ago. And if you think that’s cool, try Gimoto, they will make a world class suit to measure(!) in any hideous color combination you can dream up. Not sure about prices, but most likely a lot lower than what you just quoted.


  • http://www.v-2.cz Qbi-C

    well, we have very good experience with hand made leather suits from the company http://www.psi.eu

    one of the best on european market.. they will do anything for the customers.

  • v

    a custom made gimoto spice one(kangaroo leather) will set you back around 1500 euros.ordered one for myself and you can have almost everything you want…i had mine made with full perforation and a black,grey and metallic red scheme..might end up a little cheaper if you use non mettalic colour and standard non perforated design..
    the kushitami looks cool but…way out of my price league.even though it includes the matching boots and gloves which is very nice..if i we’re more serious into racing i definetly consider it…kushitami suits are tough little critters and you cn’t really put a price on safety..buy the best you can afford.and i wouldn’t buy that dainese tattoo suit if it had a 200$ sticker on it..that’s just wrong