Agostini replica AGV Ti-Tech celebrates 15 world championships

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We first saw the Ago rep AGV Ti-Tech nearly a year ago, but it’s taken us until now to find decent images of it; here they are. Created to honor Giacomo Agostini’s 15 World Championships, the helmet is based on his famous Tricolore design. The Ti-Tech joins the AGV GP-Tech at the top of the company’s range with a carbon/Kevlar shell. This is one good looking helmet, instantly making every tribal design or modern race replica look classless, we just wish they’d offer it without the signature, stars and other visual clutter.


  • Zeitgeist

    It is a classic for sure. The branding I agree is over the top. It would be nice to be able to use a hair dryer and remove the chin bar logos.

  • v

    well it is a ago replica after all but i agree..too much gold ..i like this one but it’s an mv branded arai which was sold wwith the special edition ago bike that they had

  • John

    Awsome helmet! Not to much gold! Love to get one!