Alpinestars Shibuya riding shoes combine style, function

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Most shoes designed for riding are kind of pointless, combining the sheer ugliness of race boots with the zero-protection of sneakers. The opposite is true of these new Alpinestars Shibuya shoes. Looking like something that could have been designed by Yohji Yamamoto, they incorporate dual-density foam pads over the ankles, a toecap and heel cup, meaning they’ll be safer than they look. We’d still opt for real boots for most riding, but the Shibuya high-tops could be just the thing for scooting around town or just walking around in.


  • Lex

    They remind me of the shoes my Grandfather now wears. I can’t picture many scooterists in the city wearing them.

    • Wes

      Why can’t you picture scooterists wearing them?

  • Crask

    And you dig on the icon stuff for being ugly? Those things are hideous. I mean props to alpinestars for making something other than race gear, but if you are going to bite street style for you gear lets get something a little less shapeless and uninteresting.

  • contender

    I think they are attractive as regular shoes. That they are also protective is gravy.

  • Wes

    You guys are all crazy, I actually want a pair.

  • Bertie

    Wes, you’re kidding me right. You actually want a pair of these and think that they’re attractive? Which float are you boarding at the Mardi Gra in San Fran this year!!

  • Bertie

    I agree that there’s a void in the market for riding ‘shoes’ (that don’t look like either work boots or Euro Suede Karting style), though 3 Velcro closures and a mesh upper on the White and Grey versions?? Come on. Draw design inspiration from what people are wearing off the bike at present! I expected more from Alps.

    • Grant Ray

      Bertie, we see styles just like the Shibuyas all over the 5 boroughs not to mention out West. Yes with velcro, and not just white hipsters from Ohio.

  • thomashenny

    Wes, don’t pay attention to those who don’t understand high design, especially homophobe Bertie. NYC is saturated with the sneaker culture but I would wear these for riding and everyday use, especially the black leather with 3 straps. Still, they’re not as tough looking as the Nike collaboration Junya Watanabe did for the Vanson collection.

  • chili sv

    23 Skiddoo! I’ve been looking for a corrective orthopedic riding shoe; especially one that doesn’t make me look like I’m too young to draw Social Security.

  • v

    to0 bad vendramini discontinued the aero line we’re some nice shoes..or more like short boots..looked classic but suppoedly we’re really confy(i didn’t buy them,not my style) and had a lot of protective feature including that lateral crush stuff and the cf plate in the sole as well as ankle protection
    the black leather model from a-stars look good but without any apparent ankle support you’re better off with sneakers.. i think something like the daytona shorty or similar would be great for the casual city ride

  • Crask

    Im just saying I’d prefer some armored wide tongue skate shoes. =P

  • black13

    is Alpine Stars sponsoring this website now?

    • Grant Ray

      No, they’re just the only company that bothers sending press releases in a regular professional manner.

      Their gear also happens to be really good.

  • Geoff

    I think they look great.
    yes, they might look a bit like kanye west’s new nike shoes (air yeezy) but they are the first riding specific shoe that can be worn without looking like a tool.
    I’m sold

  • Alex


  • guero grande

    I dig ‘em. And they offer better protection the the MacBeths I normally wear riding :o

  • Nick R

    I had a pair of these in first grade, and man my brother beat me up for wearing them..

  • kiya

    Somebody educate me..
    These don’t look that bad, not really my style, but they DEFINITELY look better than everything else available.
    How protective are these really?
    I mean, they don’t even go up that high, i’d think an old school motorcycle pull up boot would do you better than these.

  • KungFuGrip

    Sign me up for a pair of grey mesh with straps… I need to see these suckas in person!!

  • blankfocus

    i’d rock ‘em.

  • Jordan

    I’d like to check these out in person when they hit stores.

    I almost certain they’ve got Icon’s junk beat in Spades.

  • craig

    i think they look cool as ….
    my only issue is are they any better protection than any regular canvas ankle strretwear boots??

    assuming those commented above saying they are ugly would be the sort who wear full leathers down the pub…