Alpinestars Tech 7 Supermoto boots feature replaceable soles

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Alpinestars_Tech7_Supermoto.jpgBy adding three-piece replaceable soles to the Tech 7, Alpinestars hopes these could be the perfect boots for riding supermoto. There’s a fixed mid-section to provide strength, then the screw-on front and rear designed to wear out and be replaced. See how those screws are mounted on top? That should prevent them wearing with the soles or being damaged in a crash. Think of the Tech 7s as cheaper versions of the Tech 10s without the inner booties.


  • Jason

    Sidi has had replaceable soles on their supermoto boots for a couple of years (Crossfire line).

    The screws for the sole are located on the bottom along the perimeter of the sole, which if covered in mud are a pain to remove.

    Sidi has also started to add replaceable soles to their racing boot line with their Vortice race boots.

    Though I may be biased, as I’ve been a fan of Sidi boots for awhile.

  • Bertie

    Makes sense to tailor an existing proven product for Motard usage, as there aren’t any boots that I’ve worn that last. Shortening it a little would be great, as I find street boots provide better feel on a motard.