Aprilia talks RSV4 engine, chassis details

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Aprilia_RSV4_engine.jpgThe Aprilia RSV4 is set to go on sale in Europe this summer, followed by US sales late this year. As this launch nears, the company is creating a series of promotional videos, this latest talks engine details.

Update: We’ve added a video on the RSV4′s chassis dyamics below.

Sadly, like all the other RSV4 videos, Aprilia doesn’t see fit to
incorporate the glorious engine note into the video in any meaningful way.
Seriously, a video about an engine with virtually no engine note? Give
us what we want Aprilia: HD riding footage of the RSV4 without the
cheesy Euro Pop and plenty of that 999cc V4 revving to 13,500rpm.

Aprilia via SoloMoto30 and MotoFlash

  • Sam

    That doesn’t look like a 200cc chinese engine to me. Nope, nothing like it.

  • http://www.speedymoto.com Christian

    I wish it would hurry up and get here!

  • Scott


  • Zeitgeist

    Great bike distributor stateside seems very lost. Poor customer relations and poor dealer relations are the biggest facotrs contributing to the lack of the success. The original distributor before Piaggio bought it was staffed with people who were very passionate and loved riding. There are some with Piaggio but many are just uptight sales reps who just want dealers to buy product. It might as well be refrigerators or toasters for them.

    • No teeth

      What Z said.
      My piaggio rep is a tool. The people, generally, in corporate act like they work for the IRS. If it were a competitive situation and I could fire them I would.
      The Aprilias, RSV/RSV4, Touno, SXV, etc. deserve much more than to be treated like a commodity.

  • edward

    The Italians have always had a genius for engine building going back to the amazing Guzzi V-8 of 500cc capacity in the early 50s. They had a leg up on the Brits with their 4s but didn’t cash in on it like the Japanese with the Honda CB750. That still seems to be the case today with Ducati making the best foray into a functioning distribution organization for an Italian firm. Unfortunately for Aprilla its RSV 4 couldn’t arrive at a less auspicious time. I wish them well.

  • jake

    Ive been looking and waiting to hear the rsv4′s engine, watching the video and not listening to the engine bothers me, alot…

  • g.romay

    i know, its annoying they dont include the engine sound on any video.
    but you can search on YouTube for the video called:

    Akrapovic Aprilia RSV4

    you can hear the full rpm rage on the dyno, and it also looks like a different color, silver and black