Arai releases Freddie Spencer replica Corsair V

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Freddie_Spencer_85.jpgArai Japan is adding two Freddie Spencer replicas to its new range-topping helmet. Called the Arai RX-7 RR5 in Japan, Arai RX-7 GP in Europe and confusingly the Arai Corsair V in the US (we think they’re just screwing with us), the helmet is an update of the popular RR4 Corsair, adding a wider visor aperture and a natty little adjustable wing. The Spencer rep comes just in time, adding a much-needed touch of class to a range overflowing with tasteless contemporary replicas full of flames and tribal graphics.
arai-spencer-rep.jpgThere’s no word on whether or not it’ll come to the US market yet, but
in Japan, where they get all the cool stuff, there’ll be two versions
available. This traditional red on top example, or the Rothman’s
replica below. We’d wear one.

arai-spencer-Rothmans.jpgArai via MCN

  • scott

    wonder if some proceeds will go to paying back the Spencer Riding School students that were screwed out of deposits?

  • Zeitgeist

    OUCH! Its a shame to see that happen I feel bad for all sides invovlved.

  • lenny

    the original is so much nicer

    • Wes

      Yes, but I’d rather slam my head into the pavement at 50mph in one of the new ones.

      • geonerd

        do people actually wear these things? i honestly thought they were meant to sit on shelves and collect dust bunnies.

        i do really like that pedrosa replica though. too bad he’s such a tool.

  • Ken

    I’ve just had to purchase the least offensive tribal graphics bollocks I can find (Shoei XR1000 Voyager) and now Arai finally have a go at something not designed by a 16 year old with a hard-on. Why do modern helmets look so vile? Is it because the racers they sponsor are all actually 16 year olds with hard-ons?

    This is a major bloody problem Wes. It started with shit ugly sports bike graphics and leaked into everything associated with performance motorcycles. Why can’t a GSX-R look as clean as a 1098 or a Laverda Jota? Why can’t Arai or Shoei make a cool helmet?

    • Wes

      All my helmets are black.

  • andy

    The Rothmans replica would look mighty nice on the new 09 cbr600rr red/white/blue limited edition bike!!

  • giri

    Animation was made.

  • Rob

    I couldn’t agree with you more Ken.

    I love this helmet, I am going to order one as soon as I get a bit of cash, I am hoping it will tone down the brash graphics of my red K7 lol.

  • Pablo

    Hello, anybody knows where can I find this fantastic helmet in Spain?. I was / am very fan of magic Freddie and Honda. My bike is an Honda, my helmet Arai RX7. So Who can Help me ? Thank you so much for your Help.

    • Jose

      Hi Pablo, i work in a motorcycle shop in Barcelona (IMPALA-HONDA-HRC) and we are Arai dealers from a long time ago. I’ve have customers who sometimes ask me for especial products (japanese models)and maybe i can help you (and order another one for me by the way,in fact i wanted to paint one before i knew this model).
      Here is my contact:

    • luis miguel

      el el 2004 consegui el arai replica spencer a traves de una tienda de andorra que ya cerro ,ademas lo consiguio de una manera rocanbolesca.en principio arai europa dijo que tenia uno de mi talla el cual se encargo,mas tarde nos comunican que habia un error y no habia casco ,pero como habia un fax de arai que el casco existia lo iban a conseguir sin fecha de entrega .año y medio despues consegui elcasco. en españa me fue imposible de conseguir. un saludo

  • Steve

    Just purchased a leftover 2007 25th Anniversary Interceptor with the Red/White/Blue 80s paint scheme. Was on the Arai UK website trying to figure out out to get the blue Viper until told by my local Arai dealer that the Rothman replica would be available in the U.S. in Feb 2010. Gave a deposit and counting the days.