Buell hires ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky

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When we first heard Buell had ended their 14-year relationship with Chicago-based advertising agency Laughlin Constable and switched to CP+B we thought baby Jesus had performed a little miracle just for us. We immediately had Impossible Dreams, (w+k London we know, but still), excited that Buell could have picked a firm that built its reputation on the successful Mini launch as well as inspired campaigns like “Truth” for the American Legacy Foundation and that Kung Fu Spicy Chicken for Burger King.>

After digging through the CP+B archives, we found out Buell’s switch wasn’t as cavalier as we’d originally thought. CP+B has already completed small campaigns for Bell helmets, the AMA and the bicycle component maker Shimano. Sadly, none of these come anywhere near the kind of creativity on display in CP+B’s “Safe Happens” or Brooke Shields campaigns for VW. Instead the AMA, Bell and Shimano get the same shtick we’ve been seeing since the early ’90s.

Oversaturated neon colors and God? Check. Faux science with obligatory nods to cyborgs and/or aliens? Sure. Tribal tattoos and Freud? Naturally. Overuse of drop shadows? Well, duh.

CP+B: we know you can do better. We also know Buell deserves more than the lackluster job Laughlin Constable performed. That Buell identity they did with the fake metal finish and embossed edges should have gotten them fired. Bike culture, believe it or not, is as, if not more sophisticated than the car world; let’s hope your work reflects that.

via Business Journal

  • Brian

    Heaven only know which CP+B will show up. The super creative, innovative freaks they can be or the “this is a small client for us so let’s just crap something out for the sake of paying the overhead. I own a small agency, ride and have a dealership as a client. Let’s pray the “agency of the year” doesn’t let us down. Wish I had the chance to work on the account for sure.

    Congrats CP+B, go revive the brand and please get them to rework that God-awful clam shell body work.

  • http://www.daveconrey.com daveconrey

    I agree with Brian, you’re not likely to see Crispin, Porter or Bogusky actually work on this campaign for Buell, unless of course the creative team that works on it hits one out of the park. The beauty of CP+B is they are in a buyers market of creativity, bringing in people outside the advertising industry if it means they score with some better ideas. I think it would be difficult for them to actually make anything worse than what Buell has had in the past.

  • http://www.urbanrider.eu urbanrider

    +1 for W + K London, they did a great job for the Honda Zoomer.

  • Monster S4R

    A friend has a Buell. Total p.o.s. Plus when you go to the Harley dealer you are treated worse then bad. You get what you pay for…

  • geonerd

    i agree with what was said above, basically. not even the most talented agency on its best day could spin the ugly out of a buell.

  • Shrike

    I have a little bird on the inside of CP+B and I assure you they are working on this. Expect something more edgy than seen before for buell and “amateurish”

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    I’m surprised. I know there are some great creatives there, but this is going to be a difficult brand for someone who isn’t endemic to the industry. I wish them luck, but I think they would have had better luck with a boutique.