California dealer to defy CPSIA, sell kid's bikes

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boston_tea_party.jpgRiverside, California motorcycle dealer Malcolm Smith will risk fines of up to $1.8 million by selling motorcycles and quads to kids at his shop this Thursday, March 19. Smith is holding the one-time sale in protest of CPSIA and its nonsensical, knee-jerk ban on the sale of any product designed for children under 12 that contains lead. The MIC estimates the ban will cost the motorcycle industry $1 billion in 2009. Smith will be supported on Thursday by racers Jeff Ward and Jeremy McGrath as well as graphics impresario Troy Lee. We hope many members of the public will also show their support by purchasing bikes and quads for their children.

KidsLove2Ride via Dealer News

  • Enthusiast

    Malcolm Smith, what a guy! We need more like him.

  • Sasha Pave

    Go Malcolm! I hope he gets a lot of press.

  • Jonesy

    I hope they don’t fine him… that be the start of the revolution for me !

  • black13

    I just heard this morning that Montana representatives from the state legislature are petitioning to get the ban lifted here. As you can probably imagine, the sale of ATV’s and mini bikes is huge here. If they succeed, surely other states will follow suit.

  • Zeitgeist

    Way to go MS! Maybe other dealers will join in group protest.

  • Benpi

    While I am completely against the CPSIA ban, the way Malcolm Smith is going about this is wrong. Many dealers would love to break this federal law and sell the banned units. However the fines, and other penatlies, including the loss of a franchise or a complete dealer license, makes it prohibitive. The fact that he’s brought together other celebraties to validate the event is bothersome. If he isn’t fined / punished, then it shows an unfair favoritism to the famous. I would feel much better supporting him if he had gone to the Manufacturers and gotten them to step up for all dealers.

  • Remy

    I fully support this protest. I’m glad to see it being done.

  • chili sv

    Kids will have a hard time getting credit under current market conditions.

  • Ted Shred

    I say GOOD for Malcolm. We need some high profile people to step up on this issue. Let’s hope he is successful in getting the idiot law makers to fix this.

  • will

    Fingers crossed, any publicity is good publicity. Music venue I work for got a bad interview in the paper recently; got a ton of calls from people who wanted to try the place out.

    Godspeed and good luck Mr. Smith.

  • JB

    Atta boy Malcom!

  • Paul M.

    You know Malcom will be charged with violating this stupid, stupid regulation and taken to court – has he started a legal defense fund? I’d be willing to contribute.

  • Matt Sanders
  • Bike Guru

    I think that we need to heavily regulate any product that children will use to ensure their safety. If there are dangerous amounts of led in any children’s product, we should be wary of how we sell them.

  • Firefishe

    Just stop using lead in the manufacture of such items.