Ducati Streetfighter hits the road

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The Ducati Streetfighter is being launched to motorcycle magazines in Italy this week. Since Hell for Leather’s invitation somehow got lost in the mail, we figured we’d bring you the first action shots of the Streetfighter before any English-language publications have even ridden the 155bhp, 1098-based euonym.

The traction control, Marchesini wheel and Öhlins suspension-equipped
Ducati Streetfighter S goes on sale in the US in May for $18,995, while
the cheaper non-S Streetfighter, shorn of the fancy bits, but using the
same 1099cc v-twin, will hit showrooms sometime over the summer for

For full details and specs on the Streetfighter, visit our original article on the bike that we dropped three days before the official unveiling by clicking here. Oh wait, maybe that’s why we weren’t invited.

Thanks to our Norwegian buddies at MC24.

  • Nick R

    Oh wow, this is looks effing sweet, a bad-ass hyper-aggressive street-fighter, what could make this better?-
    “Oh yeah, that says Ducati on the tank..” he can now say.

    Its got the expected looks, its got the power (woof!), its got a comfy perch, its got the right badge, its got all the baubles and doo-dads, and its got a puck of a price. Why didnt we do this ten years ago? (Hey wait, isnt that what Porsche said when they made the Cayanne.)

    Im sure it goes like stink and is great to ride, its probably one of the best bikes around, but its so freaking predictable, and so freaking graceless! Where is the Ducati beauty? Where are the looks? Its like the new Ferrari California, everything mostly right, but ah, no, …wrong.

    I say this deserves all the scorn that the Multistrada recieved. I think the Multistrada is fantastic, and Ill bet this Streetfighter bike will only enrich the Ducati legend, but a new Ducati that doesnt knock me over with its looks? Ah jeeze…

  • Nick R

    On second thought:
    Lose the chin spoiler, and Im in.

  • sam

    i like the tail

  • Ben

    If nothing else, those mirrors absolutely have to go. Mickey Mouse syndrome has been confirmed. Otherwise, it looks better than it had in earlier pictures.

  • Matt

    The folks at Ducati need to hire a new director for their videos. Whoever does KTM’s vids at least make the bikes look more fun than driving a car.

  • http://www.peterlombardi.com Peter Lombardi

    i dig it more and more! looks like a blast.

    agreed with matt, ktm knows there video’s, i dont know how many times i watched the rc8 video.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    First order of the day would lose those mirrors.

  • geonerd

    i just rode an 09 1125cr, which i think is comparable to this bike, and also not a real streetfighter. it looks cool. you look cool. it’s great. if looking cool is what you care about.

    streetability? yeah, some. certainly more than your R1′s or gixxer thou’s can provide. but that’s not saying a lot. those bikes are for taking to the track. so what’s this one for? not racing. the wind protection sucks, the controls are set wrong, and it has motocross handlebars. no, if you want a racebike, you buy the 1198.

    so where does this bike fit in? it doesn’t fit in. maybe that’s the point. but that doesn’t make it any less confusing.

    • george

      Why are you comparing buell with ducs?
      It will work so much better (we will find out soon…won’t we). did you read the specs? Have you really looked at a buell construction lately…. they looks like camaros…You just don’t compare camaros and ferraris,even if you like muscle cars, you have to respect the purity of the later.
      anyway, This is such an amazing base for mods.
      It’s so gorgeous. It’s so pure: a 1098 inside out, no extras.Just what you need for canyon fun.

      • geonerd

        if i was comparing a lightning xb12r to an MV Agusta F4, your analogy would apply. but in this case you’re wrong. the buell is an uninspiring swamp donkey from a design perspective. that’s obvious. but the 1125 is very, very similar to this bike in terms of specifications. and my point was twofold. first, a factory-made “streetfighter” is oxymoronic. second, because of the poor wind protection and upright seating position, these kinds of bikes constitute a ridiculous combination of compromise and impracticality. it’s confusing. silly.

        • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

          Modern factory streetfighters are kind of really sporty-powerful standards.

  • http://www.tanshanomi.com Tanshanomi

    Remember when Ducatis were pretty?

  • thomashenny

    With any bike, the question I always ask is would I be comfortable with taking this bike from NYC to LA without it breaking down.

  • http://www.damiengaudet.com blankfocus

    looks like a kawasaki to me.

    • Remy

      blankfocus nailed it. It does look more like a Kawi than a Duc.

  • http://www.bikepics.com/members/voldemort/ Ayahuaska

    Terrible video.

    Does it mean that the super-duper Ducati fighter can’t pull any shit, or are we talking about a totally clueless director?


    Wanted to see Pfeifer on it.
    Or whoever stunts 4 ducati these days…

  • http://www.br4dsh4w.com kc!

    They make nice bikes, but terrible promo videos!? What gives?

  • GG

    Supa ugly!

  • Mike

    Is it 2009 or 1985? For anyone that remembers some of the horribly bad and campy ’80s car movies (like the Wraith with Charlie Sheen for example), this looks like it was produced by the same guy. The whoosh sound effects are my favorite. Killer.

    Ducati’s video certainly was no where near as cool as the KTM Super Duke video from 2005. That made me want to buy one. This video on the other hand made me glad its no longer the ’80s.