Ducati Traction Control explained in elaborate detail

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Ducati_Traction_Control.jpgQ: Is it still possible to do a burnout with DTC activated?

A: Yes. DTC does not activate at front wheels speeds less than 19mph for the 1098 R and 12mph for the 1198 S, so burnouts performed below these speeds are permitted by the system.

That and much more on Ducati Traction Control, as fitted to the Streetfighter S, 1198 S and 1098 R Bayliss LE in the document below the jump.

  • http://thatducatiguy.wordpress.com/ Chris

    I was just this morning talking to a couple of experienced racers – one with a Ducati 1098R, and the other who’s spent a bit of time on one.

    Both commented that they are faster around the track with DTC turned off! I was surprised by this, but apparently these guys like to use a little throttle through the corners, but the DTC, even on level 1, cuts the power – not because of wheel spin, but because of the bike angle.

    Then, once the bike stands up, coming out of the corner, WHAM – all that power comes on in a rush, and the bike wheelies like a mad thing.

    Personally, I’d still like to try it! (Also, I’m not sure, but maybe the 1198s is more subtle in this regard?)

  • v

    i see a lot of benefits for street use,especially in slippery conditions..i hope the future will bring TC and slipper clutches to more streetable bikes..i see that the new fighter will also have it which is nice..thanks for the informative read