EVA Track T-800CDI diesel motorcycle launched in The Netherlands, more details emerge

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Inundated with orders from interested customers, Erik Vegt, the CEO of EVA products, maker of the Track-T800CDI Diesel motorcycle just got in touch to ask us to stop telling people it’s equipped with 2WD. While that may be an option at some point in the future, the system is not currently available. The good news? The bike (sans 2WD) just went on sale. Only 150 units will be built this year, but the company plans to expand production from 5 to 25 bikes a week in 2010.
Our mistake was based on flawed, third party reporting; we were
initially unable to get a hold of anyone at EVA, so now that we have,
we’ve gotten a bunch of our questions answered.

It turns out that the Diesel engine is based on that of the Smart
, but here makes the same power (45bhp) and less torque (Track:
74lb/ft, Smart 81lb/ft), distributing that power and torque across a
broader rev range: 1,800 to 4,500rpm.

Track_T800CDI_Chassis.jpgSome of you speculated that the frame was based on that of the KTM 990
, but it turns out that’s not the case. It is a tubular steal
unit, chosen because that arrangement not only looks good, but also is
easy for a smaller company to develop and produce. In fact, the Track
shares virtually no parts with any other motorcycle and is equipped
with high-end components from mostly European sources. Brakes are
Brembo, suspension is WP, rims are Excel.

In addition to offering incredible fuel-economy (up to 112mpg at
55mph), the diesel engine provides incredibly long service intervals of
up to 31,000 miles, while total engine life is expected to be between
250 and 375,000 miles.

The engine can’t currently run on bio-diesel due to the high acid content, but is compatible with gas-to-liquid fuel oil.

Aside from the diesel engine, it’s the CVT transmission that makes the
Track unique. Similar to units used on ATVs and scooters, it weighs
just 5kg and is capable of optimizing both economy and performance
instantly based on the rider’s throttle input. Cruising takes place at
the lowest possible RPM, while full-throttle holds the engine at its
maximum power point.

The reason that EVA doesn’t currently offer 2WD is that after testing
it, they weren’t sure if it offered any real benefits. Instead they
found that the high torque at low RPM combined with light weight and
good steering lock delivered more benefits to off-road handling than
the addition of 2WD would.

Want one? Well, for know the Track is only available in The
Netherlands. Rest-of-Europe sales begin in 2010 and the US and Canada
are being considered for the end of that year based on factors like
demand, domestic sales and exchange rate fluctuations.
Asked what kind of audience EVA is pursuing with the Track, Erik
responded with the expected Adventure Touring demographic, but also that they were
receiving orders from unexpected sources, “We encountered real Harley
drivers that did ride the bikes and ordered. We never ever thought this
would happen!”

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  • DoctorNine

    People are beginning to see the potential of diesel bikes. Just wait until the major manufacturers figure out that the commuter bike market is wide open to this sort of design. Like I’ve said before, instead of freaking out over the end of gasoline, we should be absolutely psyched about the wild new possibilities that these different technologies will open up.

  • JR

    How much??

    I want one.

  • Matt

    Good god that thing is ugly, I want a white one.
    45 brake HP should make about the same as my XR650L at the wheel but that torque is up there. I wonder what it weighs…
    I’d just hate to be one of the poor bastards who gets one with one of the engines with that 250 mile life expectancy.

    I kid, I kid…

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

      If you follow the link in the first para to our first article on the track, you’ll see that it weighs 199kg. Or use this one:

      EVA Track T-800CDI

  • thomashenny

    i like the look of this one better


  • B100brewer

    A problem with the ACIDITY of bio-diesel?
    Biodiesel is a good solvent for some materials. No one can imagine why a modern manufacturer would use these materials on such a promising new technology. Note: acidity is something that is measured for water, not fuel. So what are they having problems with??

  • Lash

    At 17,500 Euros (or about $24,000 U.S.D.) they aren’t cheap.

    If they can get the price down to $18,000 or so, I’d buy one in a heartbeat . . . .

  • Henry

    If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!

  • peter Vasiliades

    Given the theoretical range of 900-1000km and availability of diesel/veg oil in out of the way places it would certainly make for a sensational adv tourer. Id sell my ktm 950 if I could get one here in Australia – CVT and that range – where do I sign up?