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Wes_Siler_Fox_News.jpgYesterday, I temporarily put aside our liberal media bias to appear on Fox Car Report alongside Piaggio’s Paolo Timoni and host Gary Gastelu. While I wasn’t given time to discuss my views on the early success of the Obama administration or the ramifications of Rush Limbaugh’s ascent to the top of the Republican Party, we did have a fair and balanced talk about motorcycles and scooters. The show follows the jump.   >

The first video is largely about cars (I’m also the road test editor at, but the second moves on to discuss Piaggio’s range of motorcycles and scooters, including the upcoming Piaggio MP3 Hybrid.

via Fox Car Report

  • Ben

    Outstanding, Wes. Livin’ the dream!

  • thomashenny

    nice suit Wes, thank god you weren’t the one wearing that douchebag argyle sweater.

  • hoyt

    Wes – I know the content of this footage didn’t pertain to Guzzi as much as it did for Piaggio & Aprilia, but did Paolo Timoni mention anything throughout the session off camera about Guzzi?

    Some of us are feeling a little neglected even to the point of dealers dropping the brand…not good when Guzzi dealers are already few and far between.

    • Wes

      Nope, honestly I’m one of those who have lost interest so it didn’t even occur to me.

      • hoyt

        It’s not surprising considering the line-up recently. The Griso seems to be the only model that could attract a decent amount of the 30-40 something crowd.

        Talk about not capitalizing on a stunner that is the MGS-01.

        Meanwhile, BMW is shining with the HP2 Sport on both the track and street.

  • EJ25RUN

    Um…why did you talk about cars? I wanted bike news.

    Good stuff though.

  • DoctorNine

    Wes, you need to explain to Gary that when a guy moves to mainstream media, he needs at least a suitcoat, even if he doesn’t do a tie. Professionalism. And you indeed were sharp-dressed, and informed. Paolo did hit on the large sales gains of Piaggio, which is interesting. But I would really have been interested in more information on their design philosophy, and their different models of bikes, not just scooters. The discussion about why scoots and cycles are such a good transport idea was absolutely great. Enjoyed it.

  • Scott

    wes looks more metro then I could have ever imagined.


  • Mike Werner

    Good move Wes. Good onya! Too bad it was Fox, but better than nothing. Are you signing autographs now??? ;-)

    • Wes

      That depends on how much you’re willing to pay for one.

  • KrushKid

    Anyone seen American Phycho…..Wess your the man, though I have to admit I’m always waiting for you to qute some Hughhie Lewis song and bust out an axe everytime I see ya on TV! Kepp up the great reporting, best Zine ever!

    • Dr.Danger

      Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in ’83, I think they really came into their own, commercial and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He’s been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far much more bitter, cynical sense of humor.

      You make a good Patrick Bateman, Wes.

  • james

    The rumor is that although Wes is wearing a nice suit coat and tie on his upper half—his lower half is cladded with gym shorts so tight it would embarrass an American Apparel model.

  • Oscar

    “I wasn’t given time to discuss my views on the early success of the Obama administration…”

    Are we measuring success by how high he drives up the federal budget and debt, or by how low his policies – like increasing the capital gains tax – drive the stock market by scaring investors away?

    “The budget more than doubles the national debt held by the public, adding more to the debt than all previous presidents — from George Washington to George W. Bush — combined.

    As every economics student learns, high marginal rates distort economic decisions, the damage from which rises with the square of the rates (doubling the rates quadruples the harm).”

    All this in two months! Yay!

    • Wes

      That’s just ridiculous. Clearly we need to measure a Presidency by the challenges it faces, not by its relative merits in a vacuum.

      It’s kinda like our Vs. features: a bike is defined by its ability to meet challenges, not its ability to look good on paper. Same goes for a President.

  • Oscar

    “Clearly we need to measure a Presidency by the challenges it faces…”

    Agreed. Let’s measure the challenges it faces and the way in which it meets those challenges.

    The challenges we face were caused, in large part, by enormous debt. One does not get out of debt by doubling it. One does not stimulate economic growth by increasing buisnesses’ operating costs (by raising taxes on businesses), or the cost of investing (by raising the capital gains tax).

    Jimmy Carter tried all that and failed miserably. Following his example on a scale orders of magnitude greater is, as you say, “ridiculous”.

    • Wes

      And how did we get into such debt?

      How did FDR get us through the Great Depression? Spending.

      The increase in debt is often pitched as “stealing” from my generation. We want the goverment to “steal” from us in this instance because we realize that in our future we’ll need things like infrastructure, a health care system that works and realistically increased national security more than we will artificially inflated and artificially universal affluence.

    • hoyt

      “One does not stimulate economic growth by increasing buisnesses’ operating costs (by raising taxes on businesses)…”

      Please cite the tax that is going to be raised and the size of the business being taxed.

      If operating costs were reduced for the small business owner (by a larger margin than any other measure) due to an improved healthcare system would it not be worth spending money on it now?

      “or the cost of investing (by raising the capital gains tax).”

      Capital gains tax is not going to discourage the upper percentile from investing. There are (and will be) companies in this country worth investing in with any increase in this tax.

      In addition, increased Income taxes on the $250+k bracket is not going to dent their standard of living at all. I would agree to claims of “class warfare” if the tax got high enough, but it is nowhere near a level that would alter any level of their disposable income.

      We aren’t even into 2 months of this administration. Your comments above about the market responding with no confidence is bull. Governing (especially repairing 8 yrs of damage) better not be focused on such short-term thinking.

      • Oscar

        You might want to read the following article.

        “…a wave of energy companies has in the last few months announced plans to move to Switzerland — mainly for its appeal as a low-tax corporate domicile that looks relatively likely to stay out of reach of Barack Obama’s tax-seeking administration.”

        “I would agree to claims of ‘class warfare’…”

        There’s no need for you to agree to claims of class warfare. I made no such claims.

        “If operating costs were reduced for the small business owner (by a larger margin than any other measure) due to an improved healthcare system would it not be worth spending money on it now?”

        An improved health care system? Run by the government? Like Great Britain’s, where the average wait to see a doctor at an emergency room is 48 hours? Where the average wait to see a dentist is two years? Or maybe like Canada’s, where the entire country has fewer MRI machines than Chicago? Where cancer patients have to travel to the US for treatment because, if they didn’t, they’d die before seeing a specialist?

        Sure, let’s try that.

        Besides, how will anyone’s operating costs be lower if they’re making up the difference – and then some – in taxes?

  • Core

    Wes Siler looking sharp! and I think you sounded very professional.

    Great job!

  • hoyt

    Oscar – is the better alternative one based on the “trickle-down” mentality.

  • hoyt

    “trickle-down” in a capitalist market never works. The 2 concepts are at odds against one another, inherently.

  • Oscar

    “And how did we get into such debt?”

    We got into such debt through outrageous deficit spending. So, how will increasing deficit spending get us out of debt? How will digging deeper get us out of a hole?

    “How did FDR get us through the Great Depression? Spending.”

    The myth continues. The US didn’t begin to pull itself out of the Depression until after WWII forced FDR to end the New Deal.

    The Depression was unnecessary. Herbert Hoover turned a stock market crash into the Depression by raising taxes in the middle of a recession. Sound familiar? The New Deal deepened and lengthened the Depression in part by discouraging investing. Sound familiar?

    Read “The Forgotten Man” by Amity Shlaes or “FDR’s Folly” by Jim Powell for full details. In the mean time this article covers them well.

  • NTBH

    I love the retro Guzzi models. I would love both their California model as a tourer (with a sidecar, shaft drive is great for hacks) and one of their retro cafe racers that seem to come and go. What I want to know is, are they actually going to come out with a leaning 3 wheel motorcycle? I heard a rumor about it months ago, but nothing since.