Honda CG150 TITAN MIX: world's first flex-fuel motorcycle

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This tiny Honda can run on gasoline, bio-ethanol or a combination of the two, making it the world’s first flex-fuel production motorcycle. Developed by Honda Amazonia, it’s intended for sale in Brazil only, but will be available there for just $2,706. The company intends to produce 200,000 of these a year.
Flex-fuel is nothing new in Brazil, where bio-ethanol is produced from
sugarcane. The fuel has helped to make the country nearly completely
energy independent. It’s estimated that 90% of cars sold in Brazil are
flex-fuel compatible. The ability to fill up with whatever fuel’s
available for the cheapest price is expected to be a boon for
economical commuters and working riders, for whom the CG150 is targeted.

Interestingly, the Mix Fuel Injection System, which makes the bike
flex-fuel compatible, was developed by Honda itself and not Honda
Amazonia, this is just the first application of it. This indicates that
we could see Mix made available in other markets on similar machines.
Just don’t expect to it to come to the US, where gasoline is still far
cheaper than bio-ethanol.


  • Remy

    As far as I can tell Honda also seems to be the only company still putting drum brakes on some of its models.
    It looks like these CG150′s have a couple of different parts packages available.

  • Praveen

    Corn/sugarcane derived “flex-fuel” cars that run either by pure alcohol, pure petrol, or any blend of the two are been there in Brazil since long, good to know it now got bio-fuel bike too!

  • Leandro Paparelli

    Brazil’s bio-ethanol program ROCKS! Since the 80′s when it started.

  • Ulysses

    Alcohol is reeealy cheap round here… like half the gas price. Even if consumption is about 30% more with ethanol, it is still worth it. However some people living in cold areas will have to put some gas on (Honda says 15% is ok) to make starting the engine easier in the cold – no separate tanks on the bike, there’s no space available after all. Just gotta get the electric start/disk version over the scary, physical-activity-inducing kick-start/drum brakes version.

  • Zymurguy

    Where is the trail or dualsport version???

    Glad to see Honda continuing to be an innovator in so many areas!

  • ono

    when is honda coming out with a DIESEL version of this 150cc titan for better mileage????