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Icon_tyranny.jpgVery few bike gear companies understand the value of good advertising. Alpinestars just takes awkward pictures of its racers while other companies have such low production standards that we wonder if they aren’t employing high school students. Not Icon, it has the best ads in the business, witness this video for the midrange Alliance SSR Tyranny helmet.

While we find the graphics on the advertised helmet pretty tacky, the
ad is beautifully produced and understated, if a bit straight forward. We really can’t do it
justice by embedding it at 415px wide, so head over to YouTube to watch
it in full screen HD and see what we’re talking about.

laughable compared to Iceberg-renting car ads, the production standards
on Icon’s video clearly indicate that it’s invested thousands
of dollars in producing it, which leads us to ask questions. Why is
Icon producing such nice ads when it’s utterly unable to distribute
them? Where’s the online campaign to promote this content? Where’s the
social media push? Where’s the follow through? What’s the value in
making stuff like this if no on sees it (or you rely on one of our
readers tipping us off so that we run it)?

Icon via MotoFlash

Thanks for the tip, Matt.

  • john q

    idk, to me, as a mostly non bike person who doesn’t know what icon is, only a small part of that commercial seemed like it was about the helmet. It was still really good, but i can see why this isn’t a huge deal.

  • boss


  • andros

    double gay.

  • Dimitri

    beautifully made but it’s going nowhere. Boring.

  • Subaruzi

    I never know about the double standard I see in any sort of motorcycle publications. They tell us to obey the laws and to act responsibly but then they give us a wink,wink – nudge, nudge when talking about speeding and ‘stunting’. I see that this is a high quality ad in comparison to the other companies out there but at the same time I fail to know anymore about the helmet other then some ‘stuntaz’ may use it. That actually turns me off as it has been my experience those guys (and gals) are not terribly concerned with the best protection out there. I honestly would prefer something like this:
    At least it tells me why their helmet is better then others.

    • modelasian

      Slick helmets! I was totally engaged by this demo, and totally bored by Icon.
      The real difference is that I’m much more likely to slide my noggin on the road than ride my bike with rodeo-style.
      Unless you’re a slathering corpo-hypnotized, shallow wannabe (or a real stunter, rock on) then un-relateability of Icon’s entire schtick is why you don’t see many people actually wearing their crap.

  • Subaruzi

    BTW, why is a non-bike person reading this? What am I missing about the site that would attract a non-biker?

    • john q

      well i want a bike, but i’m mostly interested in them for how they look. otherwise i couldn’t really tell you anything about what kind of engines they have or which one has a better transmission (see what i mean?) I plan to get one and really get to know it when i can afford it.

  • http://www.fullcustomphoto.com Yuri

    This here is my favorite ICON ad:
    Making that ad took balls, and it’s stuck with me for years since it was published. ICON is definitely good at advertising.

  • Scott

    talk about HK style… the wire work was incredible!

  • sam

    Im pretty sure that nowhere in Icons writing does it say to obey the laws or act responsibly. and if they do its for legal purposes. Its a company for stunters, the majority of which have to break the law and do it on public roads because they dont have access to a giant private lot. plus its fun as hell

  • http://www.fertilecreative.com Sasha

    Someone at Icon has been watching too much Top Gear… Complete stylistic ripoff. Oh, and i was bored 20 seconds into it.

  • Pablo

    As an ex comercials director and now Movie VFX artist I have to say this is nothing new. Faux Bleach bypass / cross proccess film look and heavy vinetting plus drum and bass soundtrak is VERY 1996. Not even edited that well. Meh!

    Love YOUR site though, Keep adding stuff for all us haters ;)

    • Gary Sideburn

      Isn’t it vignette?

  • Frank

    Thanks for qualifying your opinion with mini resume – uninformed readers may have mistaken you for an average ponce. I tease of course – you are correct with your enlightened insight – Arai, AGV, and Alpinestars were killing it back in ’96 with this style video. Icon is so last decade.

    • pablo

      Fair call Frank, just can’t say this commercial is anything new. and yes the equation of internet anominity + opinion = instant A-Hole probably applies : -)

  • Mitch

    Semi-related, but I go to Alpinestars Nero page for a laugh now and then. The best is when they had a suave gentleman in their demure, bespoke looking city jacket, on top of an orange and black KTM Super Duke, one of the loudest possible designs as far as bikes go. As if you’re supposed to be all James Bond on your orange transformer bike. They’ve since photoshopped the orange into gray.

    Also: women’s coats with boob cups.

    • v

      +1 on that….also has anyone noticed the prices that they are asking for those jackets?jeez..they are stepping in bellstaff terytory right there and honestly it doesn’t cut it to that level

  • http://sidewaysnortheast.blogspot.com/ Frank

    Having sat through my share of ‘em, this video looks like it was made for an “inside” audience…maybe new model propaganda to invigorate and reinforce the brand to the troops making or selling the product.

  • brrradicle

    I credit ICON to marketing their lines to street riders. They hold the right slogans and promote high caliber american stunt riders. Some of my first gear was theirs for reasons of price, rep, and perceived quality. I have since grown much more knowledgable about what gear to trust for my future spills. Still would be more than happy in ICON neck to toe (for on street). In the northwest I see a majority of street riders actually in ICON gear. They seem to cover entry level market for street apparel well. Also seems to appeal to the type riders that would ride in no protection. I respect a company dedicated to those needs. My interactions with ICON employees is proof that they focus on advancing their products with rider reviews. After miles of wear and tare – - spill after spill in moto gear they look to the street community for experience based product improvements. Seen it first hand and it works. For the market they are focused on they deserve respect. You don’t see moto gp in ICON simply cause that is not at all their market. Just like you don’t see riders in race leathers stunting in alleys.. DUH Right?

  • Artūras Aleksandrovas

    very crazy ad campains. One Piece episode guide. great stuff.