Iron Heart, heaviest jeans in the world

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iron-heart-1.jpgStarted over 9 years ago by Japanese bikers in search of the perfect ratio of More Protection, Less Power Ranger for daily riding, Iron Heart’s denim jeans and jackets are nothing short of impressive. Using industrial zippers, 21 and 22oz denim that’s over 25% heavier than vintage Lee’s and Levi’s at their densest, both jeans and jackets sport a mostly classic American fashion with modern tapered lines and black on black materials.
iron-heart-2.jpgIron Heart’s goods don’t come cheap though, with a pair of jeans costing anywhere from $265 to $350 and the Rider’s Jacket hitting $400. Just remember, these are the kind of Grandpa-tough jeans constructed to last a life time of hard wearing, not like that dinky stuff from the Gap that barely lasts a season. We know those are track gear prices in terms of safety, but how many of of us can wear leathers to work without being mistakenly escorted to the daycare center?

iron-heart-3.jpgThe best part is they’re actually available in the States at the legendary San Fransisco shop Self Edge. We’ll be taking the 9301 Slim Super Black Jeans, naturally.

Iron Heart


  • macfarlane.a

    You think they’d make ‘em in a 38 inch inseam?

    oh. yeah, probably not.

    • kiya

      They do make 38″ inseam ones, the new 301S and 9301 are both about that long and don’t shrink in the length either.

    • jcosmoasp

      I had (Giles Padmore) arrange for 10 pair of the 634S (in 22 oz. heavyweight blue) made for me in W38 L42. Just ask, Giles will see to it and you’ll have them before you know it. I’ve also got 5 pair of the TWRHR01s (14 oz. blue)and also 2 pair of Hickory Stripe, double front jeans, all in W38 L42. Haraki-san knows longer lengths!

      The Asp

  • Remy

    I can finally safely wear a Canadian tuxedo on my motorcycle.

  • Benpi

    I highly recommend checking out the Kushitani Explorer Jeans. They’re machine washable leather, waterproof, and are textured to look and feel like jeans. About the same price as these, but I think much more life.

  • Mark

    I’ve just invested in a pair of Red Route Rider jeans, they’ve got kevlar on the bum and hips and pockets for CE armour on the knees, and best of all they only cost £90

  • Ben

    Considering the so-so abrasion resistance of other jeans on the market, such as Draggin Jeans and the like, I can’t help but wonder how much a difference thicker denim will make. For reference, Draggin Jeans are 14.5 oz denim, so these are about 50% thicker.

    I’ve always wanted to like riding-specific jeans, but I have yet to find a pair that’s legitimately comfortable. As such, I tend to wear some Olympia Airglide overpants, which use Cordura for better abrasion resistance and have CE padding in the knees with hip pads.

    That said, I definitely receive Power Ranger jokes for all the gear I wear to work.

  • Darek

    At $300 I’ll keep the power ranger look and stick with armored leather, or waterproof textile, or if I’m a really good shopper, both.

  • DaveD

    I’d agree with most of the above posters that while these are cool, they seem too expensive. Why not just get leathers for the same price?

  • MattMax

    Why not just get leathers for the same price?

    –Cause Ironhearts look wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better?!?!

  • Andre050

    If you want to wear jeans on your bike there is just no substitute for the BMW New Denim suit.