Japanese motorcycle production decreases 42.8% in February, exports down 39%

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69_Honda_CB750.jpgIt’s not just Harley and KTM that are hurting right now. Compared to February 2008, motorcycle production in Japan has decreased 42.8% and exports are down 39%. That’s a total value decrease from exports of $ 339.24 million. Exports from Japan to America currently stand at just 63% of what they were this time last year.


  • http://www.piaggiousa.com/ Enthusiast

    I know Honda North America is offering it’s employees early retirement package in order to cut jobs. The fact is nobody is buying motorcycles right now. Nobody will make a loan on a motorcycle and nobody has the cash to buy one.

    I am more interested in scooter sales, I have a feeling this market will fair the best. Honda needs to come out with a larger displacement scooter.

    • thomashenny

      Actually, now is a great time to get something totally unnecessary. During the winter months and economic downturns like these, you can get great deals on products of conspicuous consumption, especially motorcycles.

  • Generic1776

    Is the 582cc SilverWing or the 680cc DN-01 (moto/scoot “crossover”…cough, cough, cough..) not big enough on displacement?

    • http://www.piaggiousa.com/ Enthusiast

      “Is the 582cc SilverWing or the 680cc DN-01 (moto/scoot “crossover”…cough, cough, cough..) not big enough on displacement?”

      It needs to be affordable and short wheelbase for women. Something in the 250cc range like Piaggio/Vespa has. I just saw the new Honda DN-01 in person the other day and it’s huge, and very expensive.

  • http://www.bikeexif.com Chris Hunter

    Does anyone have figures for Moto Guzzi’s sales?

    Here in Australia, Guzzi stock seems to be in short supply and the V7 Classic is virtually impossible to get hold off. Not sure if that’s due to the factory renovations, though.

  • v

    hmm,second hand sales are going strong though..a friend of mine has a used motorcycle dealership and he sais that sales are good,especially on the 600 nakeds and scoots..apparently many people who use cars for city commuting but who used to ride are now trying to cut expenses (and time waisted in city traffic if you ask me)..maybe the strong yen is partly to blame for this serious decrease in production

  • geonerd

    and the yen is soaring. this doesn’t bode well for the japs. thank god we have so many options here in the states. oh.