Max Biaggi's Aprilia RSV4 SBK unclothed

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Unless you’re a factory insider or have better pit access than we’ve ever had, its extremely rare to see the behind the fairing of a current factory racer with this degree of detail. Here’s the Aprilia RSV4 Max Biaggi rode to two third places at last weekend’s SBK races in Qatar.
It seems like every time we look at the RSV4 there’s something new to
see. This time, we don’t know what half this stuff is supposed to do,
but it sure does look neat. Of particular note is the cool geometric
engine webbing, the overwhelming number of sensors and potentiometers
attached to parts ranging from the steering damper to the rear shock
(think it uses Öhlins Active Suspension?).

We can’t wait for the Aprilia RSV4 Factory to go on sale in the US Q4 this year.

via Aprilia Forum

  • Giggidy

    Nice simple Aprilia dash, and then a mess of plumbing and cabling everywhere else. I’d hit it.

  • pete

    active suspension was banned this year

  • Remy

    Gah! Spoiler. I’m watching the race today. :/

    My fault for reading motorcycle news I guess.