Photo Finish: mad scientist

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Photo: Loomis Dean

1952. Rider unknown.

  • Raymond Adams

    now we know where Mr. Garrison got the idea for the invention of the gyro-powered wheel on South Park.

  • Devilhog

    The best part of the whole photo is the lab coat! An insane engineer in an insane machine and still he wears a veneer of respectability and scientific reserve as he test drives his monocycle.

    Any idea where there is tech info on the machine?

  • Dorian

    I was at a museum today on this very thing. I love how every thirty years some one thinks they are a genius.

  • Generic1776

    Along the same lines, this reminds me of the MV Augusta 60cc Monomoto Superleggera.

    See below:

    “This MV Augusta 60cc Monomoto Superleggera is the experimental machine ridden by young wealthy Italian Luiggi Bandini, during practice for the 1954 Milano-Taranto Road Race. Bandini tragically lost control in a misty mountain section, while waving to a pretty spectator. His grief stricken father, Count Enzio Bandini, “The Falcon,”