Photo Finish: the middle finger

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Photo: Gene Romero estate

Houston, Texas. Gene Romero lies unconscious in the Astrodome track while a tech attends to his Yamaha.

via Sideburn Magazine

  • Adam

    This is awesome on so many levels. You die to race, you race to die, but always make sure you’re machine is ready to take you there.

  • Chris

    The only worthwhile footage of Pinks I’ve seen is when the tool host lays some competitor’s R1 down and the owner sprints past him to check out the bike. I’ve tried to find the clip to no avail, if anyone has it PLEASE post it.

  • ollieboy

    ^^ Pinks, before crashing he asks ‘Is it fast’..

  • Will

    I for one am ashamed of my beloved Houston for forgetting what a goddamned awesome historical site the Astrodome is.