Photos: Husaberg FE 570 in action

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Photos: Mathis P.

While researching images for the Husaberg 70º cylinder story, we came across this set of images and were immediately impressed. Combining the wide angle closeups and attitude of a skate shoot with the sense of surroundings and care for the subject of wildlife photography, these shots demonstrate the simultaneous conflict between being at peace and conflict with your environment that riding a dirt bike entails.

  • esteban

    cool shoots..
    I want that in electric mode

  • Will

    The picture on top of the boulder is well and truly terrifying. These have got to be the best pictures of this sort of activity ever.

  • Frank

    Wow. Shot#6 is pretty incredible. That’s a trials type scene on a big bore enduro. Probably speaks more to the rider’s ability, but either way, props to ‘Berg for that.

  • VonRiesling

    Every one of those photos obscure the engine.