Project 450GP wants to convert your 450cc MX into a road racer

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Spain’s BeOn Automotive has developed a kit capable of converting popular 450cc motocross bikes into single-cylinder road racers for the minimum possible effort and cost. Like the RSD SuperSingles, the Project 450GP kit utilizes the stock frame frame and engine, only swapping components like the suspension, bodywork and wheels. All the modifications are easily reversible, meaning that with one bike and this kit, you could race off-road, supermoto or road race.

Kits are currently available for the Kawasaki KXF 450, KTM SXF 450,
Yamaha YZF 450, Honda CRF 450 and Suzuki RMZ 450 and consist of the
following components:

- 43mm USD Marzocchi fork with 120mm travel
- new triple clamps
- modified MX shock
- road race clip-ons and pegs
- 120/70-17 3.5″ front rim
- 155/60-17 4.5″ rear rim
- Dunlop slicks
- Brembo radial pump and caliper for front brake
- 320mm Sunstar front disc
- new chain and sprockets
- new bodywork, including fuel tank cover
- digital clocks

This results in an end product that, depending on the donor bike,
weighs around 105kg and makes about 55bhp. Price for the kit only is

BeOn is part of a larger, international effort to foster 450cc
single-cylinder road racing. One-off races or small support series are
being organized throughout Europe and there was even one last September
at Mid Ohio

We’d like to see a manufacturer offer kits for road-legal conversions
or even complete bikes and also expand their availability to more
exotic machines like the 2009 Aprilia RXV 450 or Husaberg FE 450,
which, in our minds, would help justify the end cost of the conversion.
In addition to creating fun, accessible racing, such machines could be
the ideal easily exploitable, lightweight road bikes.

BeOn Automotive via Motoblog

  • geonerd

    this is cool and all, but what’s with the clipons being so low on the forks. i’ve never seen that before.

  • Will

    What an awesome idea. What would be different about doing this on an enduro version or something that was related to the already supported bikes? And would the gearing suck for roadracing?

    And finally, a motorcycle product with a proper marketing video.

  • Cru Jones

    Why? I mean what’s the logic behind getting a 4T engine and chassis when you could get a proper 250GP bike for much cheaper than just the cost of the conversion, let alone the cost of the donor bike. If it were an actual more economical way of getting people into road racing then I’d be all for it, but that’s just not the case. I understand the whole novelty aspect of it, but with 250GP going the way of Moto2 soon, I think you’ll see the perceived demand of these fade out.

  • JohnP

    This is such a fantastic idea, it hurts me to know that I’m so poor that I can’t afford to buy a 450 and kit right now.

  • Erik

    These bikes, along with the SuperSinglges, look amazing! I just wish the manufacturers (i.e. Yamaha, Suzuki, etc.) would start selling street legal versions directly, with lower-end components, at an affordable price. I’d have already bought an RS125 if it was street legal.


    i am interes in buy the rear foot pegs conversion i have a suzuki rmz 450 2005 , i what to make a superbike also the fairings thanks let me know

  • Isaac

    450′s are pretty expensive as it is already. I mean they are all around $7,000-7,800.Thankfully that uis for the 2009 bikes. The kits are made for 2008′s. And I found some used ones for around 5500 bucks! The kit in USD is $5,760 US Dollars (4500 Euros). So, the total package is around $12,760-$13,560. I looked up this kit and it does come with a digital dash. So, if you’ve got the money to buy a new R1 or 1000RR then this would be a good entry into road racing.
    The bikes aren’t even dyno’d yet either. Imagine if you threw on after market exhausts and someone developed an ECU that is geared to RR and not MX? 230lbs 55hp and I sure comparible torque to boot. The Aprilia 250gp bikes crank out 89hp and weigh around 275lbs. I am pretty sure that maybe we could see 600cc power out of these say 100 – 110hp?
    I for one am very intersted and have decided to buy the KTM kit for the 450 SX-F. See you all on the track this summer!

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    Any questions please dont hestitate to contact us

  • Tim

    It may be on the spendy side but in the US with the body work, suspension, brakes and wheels if bought in piece would be well over that mark… $12k sounds like a lot but your not gonna buy an R6 and prep it for them brand new. I like that on the price list those wheel cost list than the tires.