Smith + Butler partners with Moscot for Manhattan pop up

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Smith + Butler is bringing its bike-influenced fashion to Manhattan in the form of a pop up store at legendary eyewear purveyor Moscot’s headquarters on Orchard Street. Running from March 27 to May 25, 2009, the store will carry S+B’s usual selection of brands like Barbour, Belstaff, Vanson, APC, Dunderdon and Glory in addition to new frame styles from the Moscot Originals range. Moscot is currently being tipped as the next big thing in fashionable eyewear and brings a uniquely high-quality approach to its pre-war style. The store is located at 118 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side.

Smith + Butler

  • Scott

    this blog dances back & forth, between wicked moto content & metro hair care product… must be hitting the Ducati demo perfectly.

  • Zeitgeist

    culture style design! says it right in its name. lol

    Now is the time I can sell my worn in leathers that dont fit anymore to people who dont ride I suppose.

  • Edward B408

    Hell for Leather
    culture • style • design

  • jconli1

    thought that might be a play on the old US BMW importer “Butler & Smith”, but apparently not.

  • novantii

    Hell for Leather Magazine,

    Taking into consideration your desperate criticism of Republicans as “anti-motorcycle” on this blog, I’m puzzled at why you’re neglecting to report that “environmentalist” Democrats just robbed the motorcycling community of 2 million acres of previously public land (s. 22 / h.r. 146) , with predominately “anti-motorcycle” Republicans attempting to stop the insane measure and defend the AMA.

    Disgusted at your crappy fascist fratboy blog and its Johnny-come-lately news timing,


    • Grant Ray

      That work of legislature has been a long time coming. I read every single line of it nearly a year ago and you know what? I was then and still am willing to sacrifice the right to ride motorcycles on every parcel of land protected by the bill as it serves, in my opinion, the greater good.

      Huge swathes of now-protected lands are dedicated to preserving rivers, creeks, marshes, grasslands and other rare or endangered nesting and breeding grounds for both flora and fauna. If I am anything before a motorcyclist it is a naturalist who was raised in the grassy rolling hills and lakes of rural eastern Oklahoma. And if I have to give up the luxury of riding in vast open spaces, and must instead traverse the preserved lands by foot, so that large corporations can no longer take the land by shady loopholes allowing for eminent domain and selfishly destroy sustainability for short term profit margins, then so be it. Political leanings has nothing to do with it.

    • contender

      I am a card-carrying AMA member for motorcycle-related legal issues. Though many of my own views and interests can be quite divergent from those of Grant and Wes, their perspectives (and the way they are expressed) on the many facets of motorcycling are precisely why I return to this site.

      In my experience, most of the party-hardy-GHB-dispensing frat bros grew up to be the Bible thumping Republicans that you seem to side with. I can hardly imagine any of them reading, much less reading HFL. See you at the abortion rally.

  • Will

    Is HFL anti-republican? It’s been by and large anti-freedom-hating-political-jerkass, as far as I can tell. Happens to be that is often a Republican status, but not always.

    • Wes

      Nah, we’re more anti liars, crooks, exploiters of the innocent, nanny law creators, religious extremists, murderers, rapers of the environment and ignoramuses. Recently, those people have mostly identified themselves as Republicans, but we’re equal opportunity freedom fighters.

  • Zeitgeist

    Wow who knew Sunglasses and worn leathers could start such thread?