2009 Zero S electric supermoto revolutionizes street-legal electric performance

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With 62.5lb/ft of torque and 31bhp, the 2009 Zero S electric supermoto can reach a top speed of 60mph, while its 4kWh battery gives it a range of 60 miles and a recharge time of less than 4 hours. $9950.00 plus another $500 to be shipped to your door within the continental US, the first production models are slated to begin shipping in the middle of May. Video, features and full specifications after the jump.


Frame / Bodywork:
Aircraft grade aluminum is exclusively used in the construction of the lightweight and rigid Zero S twin spar frame. One look at the frame and it speaks for itself. It is aggressive, strong and one of the main reasons that the Zero S can take on anything in an urban environment. Designed to have a low center of gravity, the Zero S is highly maneuverable and responsive. The body is completed using custom injected molded plastics to give it aerodynamics and aggressive supermoto styling.
Frame and bodywork designed from the ground up by Zero Motorcycles
Extremely rigid and lightweight twin spar aircraft grade aluminum frame
Custom injected molded plastics for aggressive styling and aerodynamics
Designed to have a low center of gravity for better maneuverability and responsiveness

Power Pack / Electronics:
Years of development and proprietary Z-Force™ technology make the Zero S a leader in acceleration, range and longevity. Using an advanced monitoring system, each cell in the power pack is individually controlled during charge and discharge. The onboard charger integrates into this system and uses a specially developed charge profile to optimize the power pack’s recharge time. Using isolated power systems the Zero S uses a standard 12 volt current to run the dash, lighting and other on board accessories.
Proprietary Z-Force™ power pack for increased acceleration and range
Redundant safety features to accommodate extreme conditions
Isolated power systems and 12 volt system for running accessories
Onboard charger that uses a specially developed charge profile
Keyed ignition tied to a solenoid switch for a safe and instant power up

Wheels and Brakes:
The Zero S wheels are engineered to minimize unsprung weight and reduce rotating mass. Designed specifically for the Zero S, the lightweight construction includes custom hubs, spokes, and rotors. To maximize overall wheel strength the hub is configured to use straight pull spokes. The resulting wheel is lighter, stronger and more responsive.
Specially developed high performance wheel set
Aggressive profile street tires
Custom designed hubs for reduced weight and maximum wheel strength
High strength/lightweight strait pull spokes
‘Shark tooth’ brake rotors for increased heat dissipation
Full float calipers – 4 pot front, 2 pot rear
Custom foot actuated rear and hand actuated front brake

The suspension on the Zero S was developed by Zero to take advantage of the motorcycles’ lightweight design. Its inverted front fork is among the lightest in the industry and can be externally adjusted to dial in compression and rebound damping. A rigid double diamond rear swing arm keeps the wheel planted using a Fox rear shock with a fully adjustable spring preload and easily tuned damping.
Zero designed lightweight front end (lightest in the industry)
Inverted front fork to reduce unsprung weight
Fully adjustable rebound and compression damping on the front
Fox rear shock with adjustable spring preload and damping
Unique double diamond aircraft grade aluminum rear swingarm for reduced weight and increased torsional rigidity

Dash / Lights:
The dash is designed by Zero to quickly and accurately provide information on speed, charge and motor temperature. In the evening the dash lights up with the flip of a switch and is accompanied by a unique aggressively styled ‘projector beam’ headlight that emits focused light for increased visibility.
Digital and analog speed display
Motor temperature sensor
Unique ‘projector beam’ headlight for high visibility and more focused light dispersal


A clutchless one speed, the Zero S is geared for rapid acceleration and increased efficiency. Using a direct chain drive and hardened alloy sprockets the Zero S is able to achieve minimal frictional loss. This increases the overall range and channels power into speed.
Clutchless one speed
Geared for rapid acceleration and maximum efficiency

Zero S Specifications

Brushed permanent magnet electric
62.5 ft-lbs (84.6 Nm)
Peak horsepower
31 horsepower
Peak electrical input
22,000 watts
Top Speed
60 mph (96.6 kph)

Power System
Patent-pending lithium ion array
4 kWh (58volts @ 70Ah)
Up to 60 miles (97 km)
Recharge time
Less than 4 hours
Standard 110V or 220V
Drive Train

Clutchless one speed
Drive system
15T / 61T, 420 Chain

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes
Front Suspension Travel
8 inches (203 mm)
Rear Suspension Travel
9 inches (229 mm)
Front Brakes
2 Pot Hydraulic, Stainless Rotor, Hand Actuated, Full Float
Rear Brakes
1 Pot Hydraulic, Stainless Rotor, Foot Actuated, Full Float
Front Tire
Rear Tire

Wheel base
55.75 inches (141.6 cm)
Seat height
35.5 inches (90.2 cm)
Head angle
24 degrees from vertical with 8 inch (20 cm) fork
3.26 inches (82.8 mm)
Steering Angle
+ 35 Degrees, -35 Degrees

29 pounds (13.2 kg)
Total weight without Power Pack
145 pounds (65.8 kg)
Power Pack
80 pounds (36.3 kg)
Total weight
225 pounds (102.1 kg)

Typical cost to recharge
Less than $.01 per mile or kilometer

  • Generic1776

    I’ve seen people corner more confidently at a MSF class.

    • http://sidewaysnortheast.blogspot.com/ Frank

      Yeah really! That was terrible, if that was a leak, it was a bad one. Dude in a t-shirt, riding and watching the camera… maybe they let one of their senior engineers try one for the first time…”here’s my helmet, give it a go”

  • http://www.unemploymentolympics.com nick

    They gotta add a little “engine braking” lever for your left foot so you can kick down a few gears and back it in-skrrrr chatta chatta chatta.

  • uberbox


  • Oscar

    Extend the range to at least 120 miles/charge, add a passenger seat and luggage capacity and I might be interested.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    They do need to show it doing more supermotoey things if they want to push over the tangible idea that this thing is real.

    And I don’t want to sound like a kissass, but the HFL logo looks really good on that thing.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      kiss ass.

      • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

        you’re welcome?

        I think the perfect way to integrate these electric bikes is to rent them on a daily basis in urban and suburban areas. That’d give people the best way to try them out in the real world.

  • Beatpusher

    God save the internal combustion engine

  • Matt

    The concept is great. The styling is beyond horrible. I’d like to see them incorporate some kind of clutch as well… it would be useful for backing it in as well as doing wheelies…

  • geonerd

    don’t you mean < $.01/mi or $.01/1.6km

  • geonerd

    where does the name “zero” come from? i’m just curious because if it’s “zero” as in “emissions” that’s kind of misleading. don’t get me wrong, i’m down with the whole green movement, but i just don’t see how using electricity that’s made by burning coal, which is one of the filthiest processes ever conceived, is any better than burning gas.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Do we really have to go down that road again, geonerd? Yes, everyone knows where electricity, for the moment, comes from. That it’s coal or some other fossil fuel in most places is no giant, misleading secret or false advertising. The Zero only uses coal energy unless the owner is well-off enough to have a home or estate powered by solar energy. The hope is that someday, everyone will be able to enjoy that luxury.

      The fundamentally capitalist idea behind this and other projects like it is that if we build vehicles that allow for the continual usage clean energy now, then eventually somebody will find cost efficient, financially rewarding means of producing clean energy for those vehicles.

      • geonerd

        Go down what road again? I think it’s a perfectly legitimate question to ask, if not necessary. If it’s clean, how is it clean? Is it more efficient to produce a battery and charge it with electricity generated by a coal fired power plant? I doubt it. If we’re saying it’s “clean” then we’re deluding ourselves. It’s as clean “now” as coal is clean “now” to burn.

        I was hoping someone might provide some other motive besides the whole “clean energy” bologne like instant torque or lighter weight and therefore more efficiency. Guess not.

  • Andy

    Electric drive will be the best thing ever once the batteries catch up to the motors. I, for one, look forward to (fast) sub-250 pound bikes that don’t need new top ends after going 10 feet.

    But as nick pointed out, what good is a supermoto without control over engine braking? Add a controller with regen, and keep the clutch lever around to modulate it.

    Well, thank heavens this new model has a foot-operated rear brake…

  • Andy

    What’s delusional about localizing the dirty stage of motive power generation to a small number of plants (which might currently use coal, but will eventually be geothermal, hydro, nuclear, etc.) where efficiencies of constant operating conditions and scale can be realized? This is instead of having millions of small, separate power plants with ~30% efficiency (compared to, what, 90% for electric motors?) spouting pollutants.

    Honestly, I just hate being stuck with 4-stroke gasoline engines, so I can’t help but support people who are trying something else (whether improved modern 2-strokes, diesel, electric..), ANYTHING that isn’t so complex, high-maintenance, and dirty.

    • geonerd

      that, on the other hand, was a good answer.

      • http://http:hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

        Apologies for the knee-jerk, geonerd. I’d just been checking sites that covered this story from us and came across the coal power debate in several dismissive comments. It seems to be a standard argumentative weapon for green energy haters, anti-global warming folks and finally, weirdo creationists refuting anything to do with science. Go figure on that last one.

        The machine itself produces zero emissions while in use and is likely 100% recyclable like its sibling X model. However, the source of the machine’s energy may or may not produce emissions; and the same goes for the carbon print to manufacture, transport, assemble and maintain the Zero’s componentry.

        I think more than anything, the name is an aspiration towards eventual non-pollutant vehicular transportation and production.

        • geonerd

          I get it. The point I was trying to make about the “clean technology” aspect possibly being oversold was lost in my being a negative nancy. I’m working on it.

          • stempere

            Let’s not forget that outside of the US, some countries try their best to reduce CO² emissions while producing electricity, solar in Germany (1% but solar panels aren’t very efficient so that’s not so bad), nuclear in France (80%), wind in denmark (more than 20%) etc…

    • Oscar

      “This is instead of having millions of small, separate power plants with ~30% efficiency (compared to, what, 90% for electric motors?) spouting pollutants.”

      The efficiency of the electric motor is irrelevant in this discussion, because the coal power plants producing the electricity are still only about 30% efficient.

      geonerd makes a good point, and to dismiss it out of hand is foolish.

      • Doug

        Why do people insist all electric power if from coal ? Electric power here is 100% Hydroelectric and yes we get lots of rain to power it.

        Also don’t forget gas spiked to $9.00/gal in Germany last summer. It’s only a matter of time folks.

  • bob

    you’ll need to add 100lbs for more batteries to run the amps and speakers so it will sound like a motorcycle (oh I forgot, Yamaha and honda have been trying to sound like real motorcycles for years) otherwise people will run you off the road..
    Scooter trash may buy one, but real bikers will just continue to shake our heads and ride, at the crap the goverment trys to cram down our throats.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      You’re an idiot.

      • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will


    • ISellMotorcycles

      There are so many grammatical errors in your comment. You weren’t going to let them cram english done your throat either. Your such a rebel bob.

  • Justin Haft

    I have the same problem…

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    Great post!

  • http://sainttropezvillas2010.wikispaces.com/Best+Luxury+Immobilier+Saint+Tropez Norma Spurbeck

    This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:

    You laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at you because you’re all the same. :)