BMW G450X beats snowmobile on snow

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Swedish magazine Fast Bikes decided to pit a race-prepped BMW G450X against a Lynx racing snowmobile on its home turf: the snow. With near identical power-to-weight ratios and racers riding both machines, three test were chosen to give both machines equal chances at victory. A track made from deep snow suited the snowmobile while on a groomed course the bike won. Surprisingly, despite its shorter wheelbase and lack of a drive belt, the G450X won the drag race too.


  • Charlie

    Has anyone ridden one of these?

    • Wes Siler

      Not us. They look great though, in race trim this one weighs 100kg (220lbs) and makes 40hp at the wheel.

  • Peter Allan

    I have had one for 6 months. Fantastic fun and better once I changed the road spec front sprocket for the 13 tooth one. Btw the standard HP is 40 and with a supplied plug it rises to 51hp. But I find 40 to be plenty for 80% of the time.