Christian Bale freak out target revealed: Brian Catterson, Motorcyclist Editor

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Christian_Bale_Terminator_Catterson.jpegRemember the Christian Bale freak out on the set of Terminator Salvation released by TMZ back in February? Various news sources reported at the time that the person who set it off and to whom most of the epithets were targeted was cinematographer Shane Hurlbut. In fact, it was Motorcyclist Editor-in-Chief Brian Catterson on the receiving end of Bale’s wrath.

Catterson, pictured above in dismembered head form, was on set at the behest of Ducati marketing director Jim
Viola, who was supervising several Hypermotards being used
as CGI placeholders for the Mototerminators. In fact, you can catch a
brief glimpse of the journalist in yesterday’s behind the scenes clip.
Catterson distracted Bale while attempting to grab a PR person’s
attention, reminding her of a promised interview opportunity.

“I finally couldn’t wait any longer, and attempted to get Gina’s
attention by waving furiously in her direction. But in doing so, I
broke a cardinal rule of movie-set etiquette and intruded upon
Christian’s line of sight. Distracted, he forgot his lines, lost his
temper and, after a verbal barrage that made even this ex-New Yorker
blush, I decided maybe I didn’t need to talk to him after all,” writes
Catterson in the May edition of Motorcyclist. “He was right about one
thing, though: We’re through professionally.”

Catterson didn’t get the interview.

  • urban rider

    Really? Why does Bale refer to the guy as ‘Shane’ in the audio?

    Bale sounds hilarious, he’s english and he’s trying to put on some badass New Yawker accent!

    • Wes Siler

      I think that by that point he’s yelling at multiple people, you can also hear him address McG.

  • SJY

    Catterson got a verbal barrage from Bale? That is one of the most insignificant yet interesting stories I have heard all hour.

    • SJY

      BTY…good attempt on the photoshop job. It almost looks cool. Almost.

  • TonyS

    Exactly. He also says “I never say a DP (director of photography) at like this.”

  • scott

    Catterson was NOT the target of the baby’s rant.
    Catterson wrote a short page filler in Motorcyclist magazine imagining that he WAS the target of the baby’s rant. Maybe Brian thought it would be humorous, or maybe he was just trying to fill a blank page, or maybe it was Hell for Leather trying to fill a blank page.

    did you guys know Hayden is done for this season & Bayliss is stepping in for him at Jerez?

    • Wes Siler

      Keep that foil hat on Scott, Dorna is out to get you.

    • uberbox

      scott, please tell me your kidding about the bayliss/hayden thing.

      • Wes Siler

        He is.

  • jivefrequency

    i guess this is what happens when Motorcyclist doesn’t return your calls for interviews.

  • v

    “”I broke a cardinal rule of movie-set etiquette and intruded upon Christian’s line of sight”" jee..i wonder how theater acotrs manage to keep their concentrations with all the reacting public and the stage hands going back and forth at the stage ends..the guy is a good actor(check out ‘the machinist’) but i think he may have carried the american psicho thing a bit too far..the guy has a reputation of being a bit short-tempered,he was even arrested on charges of assault on his mother and sister of all people ..pff a grown up child actor with a primadona complex..go figure

  • Swagger

    One more reason to hate Bale, what a tool.
    Hire real actors to play in movies and we won’t have to hear about crap like this and can get on with more important things like motorcycles.

  • Ben

    Ooh, ooh, let me judge someone based on a low moment, too! I never have those.

    Gotta love the interwebs some days. Though I question how much was directed at the Cat Man, his actions were just stupid. But, again, we all have our moments.

    Some of us, at least.

  • Ben

    @ urban rider, That accent made me laugh as well!

  • Travis

    Well I just lost all the respect I had for Bale… What a jackass. Its one thing to lose it for a little bit and get pissed off… I understand that. But to whine on and on for 4 minutes… I don’t care who he is or how important he thinks he is, I would tell him off.

  • blankfocus

    wow, scary motogp news moment there…!

    i think bale is a terrific actor and if that necessitates him being super intense on set, so be it. that was a really funny rant anyway.

  • Esteban

    that image is not in the same level, quality or universe as all others in this site..

  • drjohndee

    “Bale sounds hilarious, he’s english and he’s trying to put on some badass New Yawker accent!”

    He’s Welsh. But that’s no excuse, unless some Welsh accents sound like English people hilariously attempting badass New Yawk, which they don’t.

  • Brian Catterson

    You guys are soooo gullible…

  • urbanrider

    Is this just some really late April Fools joke?!?!

  • urbanrider

    BTW Brian, I love your hair in the dis-membered shot, do you Pantene?

  • The Real Batman

    Does anyone remember that dragon movie with Christian Bale and Matthew McConouoiosidfnhv. I wonder how distracting those dragons were flying around all unprofessional and the like.

  • palesaint

    Its Shane. CB – who is Welsh by the way – admitted it. Accents are tricky things, he’s a Welsh guy acting in Mexico with an American crew while playing a character outta Terminator, he’s accent is gonna be weird between takes. The chances of having some bike journo or any journo prancing round on a lit set are zilch.

  • DucatiCyclist

    Even if it isn’t true…Forget yelling at him. Personally I wish that Bale would have terminated Catterson. Or at least gone Batman on his ass. He’s a fat sack of shit. And he has singlehandedly made Motorcyclist the biggest joke in American motorcycle journalism.

  • appliance5000

    people I know who’ve worked with Bale say he’s a sweetheart. The fact that this flack still doesn’t understand what prompted the outburst, overblown or not, indicates what self serving b*tch this guy is.