Ducati Desmosedici Documentary: episode two

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Ducati_D16RR_chassis.jpgWhere Ducati Desmosedici Documentary: episode one was light on detail and heavy on fluff, episode two dives into more technical details than our fragile minds are capable of absorbing. Believe it or not, this is exactly the kind of presentation manufacturers force us to sit through on new product launches. Grab your note pad and be prepared to doodle so that it looks like you’re paying attention.


  • Tg3rh

    Ciao! my name a Mario i likea Matarbaykes. I am Italian engineer. I wear Ducati branded socks & underwear, trust me you don’t wanna havea conversation with me about a anythinga.

    • 1098

      Actually, my name is Andrea Forni…
      I built race motorcyles for a living and pretty fucking good at it!
      I speak many languages and I am responsible for all the latest Ducati devellopements, I do not wear ducati clothing.
      I ride everyday and crossed continents on Ducati bikes. i do have conversation and lap you on any track of your choosing!
      What do you do for a living? are you a clown?

  • Borat

    Hi. My name Borat. I also like motor cycle. My motor cycle only need one horse power and it is very quiet but sometimes the horse make a shit. I am lucky my wife Roxane always cleans it – that is her job. I like it!

  • http://www.gregorerdmann.com Gregor

    The comments were the most interesting bit.

  • v

    the shock below the swingarm and the self suporting tail unit are the very interesting.the bmmw hp2 also had that self supporting unit ..too bad it had the boxer engine which isn’t the best choice for racing..i wish the s1000r would be as innovative as the hp2 was

  • Tg3rh

    Nah you engineers are all the same. Why don’t you go trim 3mg more off the F%£$ing rear swingarm rather than talk to clowns, surely that cannot be time well spent! A presentaion for such a bike could not be more boring. Go lap a track or two, cross a continent or whack a clown to let off some steam.

    • 1098

      3 mg at a time, buddy,
      that’s how it works…
      requires more brain capacity than making jokes, sarcasms or insults…which achieves nothing.

      I wouldn’t expect pigs to enjoy jelly anyway…
      Boring? Same as would be a lecture on brain surgery to me. However, I won’t go arround making fun because I can’t understand.

      I ain’t Forni btw, but respect is dedication and achievements.

      Are you actually a professional clown? you’d get my respect if you were actually one, otherwise you’r just a forum wanker, one those bully that accomplish nothing except…cracking jokes on hflm.
      you dope!

    • sam

      yea buddy, jokes arent allowed, so piss off.

      • http://Http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

        The joke was actually funny, as was 1098′s. Let’s just avoid the name calling.

  • Tg3rh

    DO me a favour and bugger off you halfwit.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

    Let’s play nice now kids.

    We’ve all seen exciting action videos from Ducati, but this one’s about technical detail which I actually find fascinating, even presented very dryly like this. If it’s not your thing, go watch something else.

  • v

    if you are into the technical side of the motorcycles than that video is worth watching,explaining/presenting technical stuff in detail is never really exciting except if you turn it into a wooh look at the pretty buttons kind of thing..the guy( i loved the borat joke) is an engineer and i am surprised that he can express himself in english that well,although his accent isn’t that great..i’ve been to italy and believe me..on a scale of 1-10 this guys english skills would be a 9+..
    btw i’ve been to a canon presentation a while ago..they we’re presenting two things..a new dslr and a new Tilt-shift lens..the new camera was..well..another new,although good, camera but the lens was a technichal triumph..it;s so ground braking that people always said it couldn’t be done in the way canon did it..as the presentation went on i could see the photo geeks stroking themselves but when the lens came up they started arguing about the camera..one asshole said he could easily replicate the effects in photoshop(you can’t) out of all the people only me,my gf(not a photo person but who was amazed at the results shown) the presenter and 2-3 people who i know are pro’s we’re payng attention..ythis is the same thing that a lot of bikers are doing,focusing on the bhp and the bells and whistels