EVA Track T-800 CDI: 112mpg diesel motorcycle hits photo studio

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We’ve been following the EVA Track T-800 CDI since it was first announced, but until now, we really haven’t seen decent shots of the 112mpg (at 55mph) diesel motorcycle. Here they are. Make sure you check out the T-800CDI tag page for all the oil-burning details.

EVA Products via Bike EXIF

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/24829474@N03/ Enthusiast

    Paint it green and add a John Deer logo and maybe you have something. Maybe a tow ball and mud flap for good measure.

  • Esteban

    cool , but to late… electric is the path

    • Core

      Don’t you mean, “one of the ways?”

  • Rich

    Esteban – there are no charging stations in the Gobi desert. I think there’s a real market for this. If out in the middle of nowhere, it can run on vegetable oil, or kerosene.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/24829474@N03/ Enthusiast

    I’ll be impressed when it runs on rainbows and fruit punch.

  • aoelus

    Didn’t notice anywhere how many cylinders. But I have to think the 199kg ( right at 199?;-)is optimistic with shaft drive. Yamaha ran 2WD bike in Dakar for a couple of years as I recall. Seemed to be an advantage under certain conditions. Your vid link’s dead but I can imagine the racket this thing makes.

  • Matt

    I’m still waiting to see factory brush and bash guards to protect the base of the motor and that little muffler from the inevitable rock/log/zombie head. Throw a seat and tank on the naked frame and it looks like something you could expect to see Milla Jovovich on in the next Resident Evil installment.

    Electric may be the future but the current crop of massive adventure bikes (BMW 1200GS A, KTM 990 Adventure) run on premium gas (when available), get 1/3rd the fuel economy (though they do pump out a lot higher HP) and weigh around the same or even more. There’s a market for this if it works and is priced near the other Adv. offerings.

  • http://www.bikeexif.com Chris Hunter

    Some armies (including the US army) run diesel bikes. If I had to pick a machine that would still be serviceable in ten years, come what may, I’d pick one of these.

    It’s probably about as bulletproof as a bike can get, and the torque spread of a diesel will make it a blast to ride – and easy to control over rough terrain.


  • Ken

    Why is the subject of fuel economy off the radar in motorcycling circles? Getting 115bhp out of a 600cc motor is remarkable, but no one mentions the appalling fuel mileage.

    We’re going to have to stare this stuff down sooner or later, especially when the inevitable carbon taxes hit. Diesel engines have driving characteristics that would suit tourers and all-rounders down to the ground. And imagine a 400 mile tank range where you used to get 150. It’s all well-understood technology that could be on the market straight away, so go these guys I say.

  • ISellMotorcycles

    This is true. The US Armys runs a KLR650 with a small diesel motor produced by a British Company, if I remember correctly. Until gas prices go back up gas mileage really isn’t the object of concern. There is a market for this bike if it is done right. Advantages of diesel fuel are availability, efficiency, and price. Diesel motors are going to last longer, give better gas mileage, and produce more torque than gasoline engines. Diesel motors will run on just about anything, like vegetable oil. I think an adventure tourer would sell well and even a cruiser. The main problem with alternative fuels is convenience. Diesel is available at almost every fueling station. I’m all in on diesel.

  • fritz

    “We’re going to have to stare this stuff down sooner or later, “

    Amen to that ….Time to break out the sheet music and play the real Waltz

  • http://www.instinctivefitness.asia Ben

    This would probably run on buo diesel with minor engine mods, that makes in almost future-proof!

  • Dorian

    Nice concept but..

    First hangup on a log the engine case will be in serious danger even with bash plate.

    Kickstand on the engine block on a off road bike ? Bad enough for Ducati, to do this silly thing. When it breaks the mount ,then what do you do.?
    wacks engineer on nose with rolled up newspaper
    Bad engineer!!!!

  • http://www.pervasivelight.com/blog/ dave

    DOD requires ALL vehicles run on either diesel or JP8. Hence the diesel HMMWV, turbine powered M1A and M1030M1 (KLR chassis) that actually runs on JP8 AND diesel.

  • http://www.pervasivelight.com/blog/ dave

    BTW, am I the only one that thinks the cockpit on this thing is fugly and wicked small?

  • speedfreak

    Excellent where do I get one?