Jorge Lorenzo reverses fortunes, vertical orientation at Motegi

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Jorge Lorenzo won the Grand Prix of Japan yesterday, ending a string of bad luck that started with a spectacular highside during practice for last year’s race in China. That incident began a series of seven crashes spanning three months that even Lorenzo’s heroic riding couldn’t overcome. Prior to them, Lorenzo was off to a great start to his MotoGP career, qualifying on pole for his first three races and winning his third at Estoril. Lorenzo went on to finish fourth in China, even after injuring himself in the highside. He went on to finish his premier season in fourth place.
Joining Lorenzo on the podium are Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa, a
particularly prescient group; teammate Rossi is Lorenzo’s chief rival
while Pedrosa joins Lorenzo in representing a younger generation of
rider. Lorenzo beat Pedrosa to become the youngest ever rider to win
three sequential pole positions by just one day. Jorge Lorenzo, 2009 World Champion? It’s a possibility.

  • sam

    what a great photo

  • Sid

    Great race.

  • SJY

    Lorenzo will be Champion (maybe not this year)and I just love watching him be Pedrosa.

  • EWL

    Finally – an exciting MotoGP race!

  • Esteban

    jorge is a great pilot, don’t know why I also like him winning over pedrosa

  • Cynic

    It was a good race. I was sad to see my Favorite start so bad, but it was a joy to watch. Hopefully the season will have more races like this in the future.

  • JWinter

    I think Rossi would have edged him had he been completely comfortable with his setup but, that said, Lorenzo had a hell of a ride.
    I like to watch him much more than I like to watch Stoner so it was gratifying to see him win.
    Rossi’s short battle with Pedrosa was fantastic too.
    This looks to be an exciting season brewing.

  • v

    congrats to him, it was a great race to watch…i thought the flag in the ground thing at the end was a bit off..too bad that hayden didn’t finish being rear ended and all but i was surprised that stoner finished the way he did despite serious front brake problems all in all a good race and nice pics btw