Julien Dupont rides Tunisia with Chris Pfieffer, Christophe Bruand

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Julien_Dupont_Tunisia.jpgPut Julien Dupont in a parking lot or a paddock at a race and we probably wouldn’t care, but there’s something about applying his freestyle trials skills to exotic locations around the world that’s just fucking cool. Here, he gets together with BMW’s resident stunt monkey, Chris Pfieffer and world champion trials rider Christophe Bruand to tear things up in Tatooine.

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Dupont & Co.

  • sam

    badass. theres the future of the sport with these zero x’s. cept in urban environments.

  • aoelus

    Speed used to carry trials from Europe that were run in packed arenas that were brilliant displays of balance and control. Maybe when Washington nationalizes public broadcasting they will show a variety of programing from Europe.

  • modelasian

    Seems like an uncharacteristically small amount of spectators for a RedBull event. I wonder why?
    I completely agree with Sam that Zero X should be great with trials. Hell, anything electric motorcycles can do to bring on more Tron or Rollerball is good with me.