Jupiter's bringing motorcycle rental to NYC

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F800GS_Corner.JPGRiding in New York just got a little bit easier with the launch of Jupiter’s Motorcycle Rental. In addition to renting bikes like the BMW F800ST (from $129 a day) and R1200GS (from $159), Jupiter’s will also offer low-cost bike storage, seasonal packages for local riders and even one-way NYC to LA or vice versa rentals.
The minimum qualification for renting is having held a valid motorcycle
license for at least three years or demonstrated proof of having
significant and recent riding experience, there’s also a $2,500
required swipe on a credit card in the renter’s name. The service is
available to visitors from foreign countries. Pretty simple if you ask

Local riders who don’t have the time or facilities to currently own a
bike, or who just want to rent something nicer, can purchase yearly
packages that offer 25 days of rental within the 8-month riding season.
Costs range from $1,999 to $2,499 depending on what type of bikes you
want to ride. Storing your own bike at Jupiter’s Park Slope facility
runs $99 a month.

In addition to the F800ST and R1200GS, Jupiter’s offers the BMW G650GS
(from $99), BMW F800GS (from $129), Harley Fatboy or Soft Tail (from
$159). There’s even talk of the 173bhp BMW K1300R.


  • http://www.unemploymentolympics.com nick goddard

    They can’t touch my stillborn moped rental though-

  • thomashenny

    Good idea for NYC but only 25 days for up to $2499? And who rides only 8 months out of the year?

    • Jymmi

      You do know how cold it gets in NY, right? 8 months is a long season for here.. unless your hardcore, with heated gear, in which case your gonna have your own bike anyway.

      And I don’t think the idea is to ride in the city.. its to get out of the city and explore!

    • http://cohobot.blogspot.com/ coho

      Unfortunately there are many thousands of motorcycle owners out there who may ride only eight times a year. In their eyes they’re motorcyclists, too. Sad and misdirected, but motorcyclists nonetheless.

      This is a great deal for out of state or foreign riders who don’t want to go the Edelweiss-style hotel/local guide/preplanned route…er, route.

  • http://pervasivelight.com/blog/ dave

    Interesting idea. But I actually can’t see it working for in the city. Speaking as someone who commute-ed every day from the BK to Manhattan (until I fled the taxes :| ). Most leisure riders aren’t up to riding in the city. The cross country rental to LA-LA land however, is genius.