KTM+Bajaj to unveil 2011 125cc streetbikes at EICMA, Dehli motor shows

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Photo: KTM

Slated as 2011 models to be manufactured in 2010, little is known about the first two small-capacity bikes from the joint venture between KTM and Bajaj Auto LTD. We know both will be liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-strokes, with the Euro-spec machine to be unveiled at EICMA this coming November and the South Asian-spec bike to be unveiled the following January at the Dehli Motor Show.


Regardless, we’re excited to see the machines as they’re likely to be production showcases for what a fully-funded KTM is capable of for both engineering and manufacturing. That doesn’t mean we’re expecting flying motards, but new methodologies for construction, large scale production, design and reconsidered engineering with an eye towards streamlining bike maintenance are entirely plausible from this group.

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  • aoelus

    I donno. Large scale production? Will the capitals of the Western world come to resemble Marrakesh?
    As we speak ex-McLaren maven Gordon Murray is beavering away in his new company developing a killer personal transport device that will be slim enough to allow swarms to invade the city centers keeping alive the sacrosanct notion of personal transport uberalis. Whatever happened to mass transit? KTM seems to be doing OK as a niche mfg. and may be going the way of MZ with this move.

  • jconli1

    that fairing looks like Japanese Spiderman’s

  • http://www.instinctivefitness.asia Ben

    Kill it with fire. KTM knows how to make epic bikes, this looks like a bug-eyed genetic mutation.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Ben, you can hate the Sting all you want, but as a late ’90s small displacement supermoto, that thing was way ahead of its time.

  • v

    how much will it cost?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      No idea on cost at the moment.

  • Benpi

    I don’t think KTM is going to lose their shirt on this one. It’s a parts bin special, so it will be really cheap to produce. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does for South East Asia, what the Ducati Monster did for Europe.

  • rohit

    better make improvements on the design or this
    shit is goin down, that doesnt look like a ktm