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Michael_Cera.jpgOne of our favorite quotes from recent years comes not from a sponsor-addled racer or testosterone-fuelled stunt monkey, but rather from a young man with a fine set women’s legs. Michael Cera knows that most people don’t ride bikes for the call of the open road of because of some primal need for speed, but instead to impress girls. Sometimes those girls just happen to be your cousin.

Pulled from “Arrested Development” Season One: Episode Nine, George
Michael finds himself needing some way to convince his love interest,
Cousin Maby that he’s tough. The solution? Motorcycles.

“Yeah, I’m gonna need a leather jacket for when I’m on my hog and need to go into a controlled slide.”

That pretty much sums up the reason most people become bikers, right?

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  • Matt

    Movie out next year! Maybe they’ll make up for the final episodes they jammed together after they got canceled… again.

  • http://www.peterlombardi.com Peter Lombardi

    i can’t wait for the movie yay! just re-watched the season’s a couple of weeks back, haha

    miss this show, haha, and that was a great line,

  • http://www.damiengaudet.com blankfocus

    best. show. ever.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    God bless George Michael.

  • Steve516

    Ok, perhaps I am a buzz kill… but a HOG is Harley Owners Group. I really wish TV and Movie land folks would stop spreading poorly researched ideas because one intern though it sounded cool.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Actually, I’ve heard bikers refer to their Harleys as hogs, scoots, scooters, mules, etc., my whole life. Not from television interns, mind you, but average bikers at bars, clubs, meets, shops, float-trip rental parking lots, etc.

      If an ex-Bandito I used to work with calls them hogs, I’m pretty sure he knows the difference between referring to a bike and the H.O.G.

    • Derek

      You must be rather young to not know that term, ya?

  • http://www.piaggiousa.com/ Enthusiast

    biographical wes?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler


  • Marshall

    Stuff like this reminds me why I check HFLM daily. Gotta get my daily motorcycle and comedy fix.

  • jimbo

    Uh…no that is not the reason most people by bikes. No one I know, anyway.

  • jconli1

    “sometimes ya just gotta lay ‘em dowwwwwwwnnn…”

  • http://www.instinctivefitness.asia Ben

    “Yeah, I’m gonna need a leather jacket for when I’m on my hog and need to go into a controlled slide.”