Moriwaki unveils refined MD600 Moto2 racer, MD project at Motegi

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Moriwaki has clearly been busy since we last reported on their Moto2 project last summer. The tube chassied concept racer looks to have been entirely scrapped by the company. The new MD600 has been completely redeveloped with a twin-spar aluminum chassis, reconsidered swing-arm, a lightened sub-frame and elegantly refined bodywork. The only thing that stayed is the use of a Honda CBR600RR-derived engine.


On looks alone the MD600 is stunning. The rippling lines and undulations on the tank’s surfaces harken back to the hand-formed aluminum race tanks of mid-century racers, a refreshing contrast we’d love to see carried out on the rest of the machine.

Right now the details for the MD600 are obviously scarce as they expect to implement necessary changes once the FIM regulations are made firm. All the company is saying is that the MD600 uses the CBR600RR engine for power with a bore and stroke of 67mm x 42.5mm, and that the length of the bike is 2,000mm. Other details can be gleaned from the photo such as the Nissin front calipers.

However, the really big news from the press event is Moriwaki’s “MD Project.” The company is developing a 3-tier platform of race ready machines for privateer racers beginning with the still unveiled MD150, then moving up to the MD 250 and MD600.

The manufacturing of small-displacement road racing machines built strictly for privateers has all but disappeared over the past decade. The most painful being the end of the once ubiquitous and legendary Yamaha TZ250 as well as the Aprilia RS250 Challenge. Last year’s pull-out of KTM’s Redbull Rookies Cup in the US seemed like the end.

Needless to say, we’re over-joyed to see Moriwaki’s commitment to keep youth-oriented privateer racing alive.

Moriwaki via Two Wheels

  • Ben Part


  • SJY

    Daddy want the 450!

  • jivefrequency

    great. now lose the peaky-ass four stroke and drop in a proper 2 stroke thumper and you might impress me.

  • dain

    want 2 please

  • Shrike

    great. loose the production based 4 stroke motor I will be able to afford and develop a scratch built 2 stroke prototype I will never afford, and you might impress me.
    All jokes aside, If that MD600 comes in under $15000 I will be ditching my GSXR600 race bike and switching over to Moriwaki

  • Kawi Kid

    It is great to see the four stroke enter GP but, a single engine supplier? They may as well call it the Honda GP. They should have engines, chassis’ and tires from suppliers who meet FIM regulations, let the teams decide who’s equipment they want to use, this is GP remember. It is like NASCAR saying you can only use a chevy engine. FIM seems to be removing itself from the real world. Having spec. on equipment is one thing, but having spec. on one thing and only one supplier removes inovation. Even AMA hasn’t managed to mess up this bad; and they suck.