Motorcycles added to Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

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Robert_Redford_Great_Gatsby.jpgChampagne, white gloves, wicker picnic baskets, Jay Leno, Bugatti Veyrons. Yeah, that combination of words disgusts us too and it pretty much sums up the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which will be featuring bikes for the first time this August. Wait, don’t us greasy, counterculture bikers have our own fancy bike and C-list celebrity event in the form of Legend of the Motorcycle? Not anymore, it’s been canceled this year and may be taken to an every-other-year schedule for lack of sponsorship. Enter Pebble Beach.
This year’s motorcycle class will focus on British bikes built before
1960. So expect brands like Vincent, Brough Superior, Norton, BSA,
Velocette, Triumph and Ariel. That sounds pretty cool, but Pebble beach
is the exclusive preserve of snobby rich people bitching about matching
numbers and correct ostrich skin patina on $25 million restoration
projects. Bikes are about riding, not getting snobby over. We refer you
to David Cronenberg’s “The Italian Machine” for a more elegant
summation of this opinion.

Pebble Beach

  • Larry Kahn

    If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that on 17 mile drive and motorcycles are not permitted on that road? Enough said.

  • Jimmy McNolte

    Nice dig at that douchebag Jay Leno. :)

  • Aoelus

    Come, come! These people work hard for the money and are entitled to gloat over their superiority and good fortune. Maybe if we are lucky Speed will show us a few glimpses of the bikes. It’s a wonder they will be allowed at all. The proposal to have an exhibit of motorcycles at the Guggenheim was met with open revolt by staff at the horror, the horror, of the thought.

  • chaz

    Greasy, counterculture bikers? Don’t you run a website that focuses on cooler-than-thou “culture x style x design”? You’re one step above candy-ass emo kids, because you do ride, but counterculture? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah dog! G-unit! Westside! Whatever!

    • Wes Siler


      • macfarlane.a

        + ∞

  • Enthusiast

    Take a step back Wes and read your article. I hope you realize how snobby you sound.

    • Wes Siler

      Explain it to me. I don’t like Pebble or its ilk because it takes genuinely exciting things (old cars and bikes) and makes them as boring as possible. Events like Goodwood are much more exciting because they focus on action, personalities and participation over bitching about the accuracy of $25 million restorations.

  • Matt Rempit

    I’m not a big fan of stuff like Pebble or ultra exclusive social clubs and that kind of thing. But at some level, I’m glad these things exist.

    All those multi-million restorations are not done by the owners of these machines (I’m guessing here) but by really small independent shops and fabricators. People who really put their heart and soul into their craft. That level of skill and the dedication it took to get there comes at a very high price, for those that purchase these services and in the sacrifices these artisans have made to perfect their craft.

    I’m glad that there is interest and significant financial investment in keeping these things as close to how they were originally designed. Many of these vehicles are important parts of history, and hopefully at some point they will donated to museums to be preserved and pondered by generations to come.

  • thomashenny

    I’ve only been to one Pebble Beach event and it WAS boring. Even though there were some nice rides there, some people are just too attached to their vehicles. I’d rather go to Coney Island Concours d’Elegance. Instead of Cristal, everyone will get a case of PBRs and hot dogs. This year, the event will focus on bikes from the 1970s.

  • sam

    culture style design. these things are based on quality. the concours d’Elegance is about a bunch of rich assholes getting together and blowing each other, fighting over who spent the most money. fuck these guys. i guarantee the majority of these guys are at best weekend riders, and those miles are probably done on goldwings. just because you have money doesnt mean you have good taste.

  • Enthusiast

    To be fair I have seen Jay Leno at many blue collar public car shows and he is always very friendly. He has made clear repeatedly that he drives all of his cars. He is very often at the rock store in Malibu riding his motorcycles. He is a very active motorcycle enthusiast, I like him personally.