Mototerminators inspired by Ducati Hypermotard?

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MotoTerminator_hypermotard.jpgApparently the Mototerminators in the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie were inspired by the Ducati Hypermotard. This sounds odd, given that the Mototerminators look like terminators combined with motorcycles and not shiny red 1100cc supermotos, so we’re guessing it was the physics of supermoto movement — sliding turns — that provided the inspiration. Hey, it’s cooler than Yes Man.>

Ducati via AutoBlog

  • Shrike

  • John Pearson

    Very “Geiger-ish”

  • ACohen

    Harldy seems like the Ducs were the inspiration. More like they used some very capable bikes to do the motion capture and then overlaid the CGI.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, that’s what happened.

  • daniel

    That looks absolutely siik!!
    looks like fun lol

  • LADucSP

    No, it’s just the arrogant inertia of Ducati’s pansy-ass marketing department!

    Bunch of sissys…have you seen the new logo? What the hell is that? A fuax-marshmallow out of a frankenberries cereal box? A Valentine’s day hallmark candy??

    They should have gone retro…back to the “mechanica” stuff.

    The new bikes are pufty enough as it is.

    Damn, I still want a 1098 like crazy though!

    But, I’m painting it black. Not that crappy Ducati black, either. Maybe that sinister Kawasaki black from the 90s 7R’s.

  • Grant Ray

    We thought the new Ducati logo looked more like a puffy heart ourselves.

  • Phil Boncer

    I think the new logo looks like a guitar pick. I’m not wild about their marketing these days either, but they do have a very nice lineup of bikes. The new Monster isn’t as pretty as the older ones, but it rides better. The HyperMotard is fantastic. I test rode the new StreetFighter, and was really impressed. And of course the 848/1098/1198 series are top notch.

    I’ve been very happy with my Ducati; I’ve got a 1993 Monster that I bought new, have ridden as daily transportation since, and it’s still doing great with 163,000 miles on it.