Qatar MotoGP night race puts on a show

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After looking at these shots from the night race of the 2009 CommercialBank Grand Prix of Qatar, we don’t care if Rossi hates racing in the dark. Sure the surface was hard to see from the lights reflecting off the damp shiny track, especially at over 180mph, but the race got rescheduled and everything was fine. Sadly, the race itself was a little bland compared to the current racing in SBK. Let’s just hope the rest of the season is half as exciting as last year’s incredible battle at Laguna.

via MotoBlog

  • Remy

    I love the spooky orange monster eyes watching Takahashi.

  • bored to tears

    I predict Rossi makes the move to world superbike when his MotoGP parade contract expires.

    • Stu

      Then WSBK can become a procession with Rossi racing himself and everyone else battling in the background. At least in MotoGP Rossi has Stoner to keep him honest at the fast tracks.

      • bored to tears

        I agree somewhat. At least in WSBK Rossi would have to fight it out with at least two other riders (Haga & Spies) rather than just Stoner. I’d like to think that the combination of riding a production based bike and dealing with twice the number of bikes on a track would help keep Rossi from completely dominating. Then again, maybe they’d have to handicap him by forcing him to ride a ZX10!

  • hoyt

    Are they using solar power to run those lights? or is this getting close to the obnoxious snow ski indoor ‘mountain’?

  • pete

    “…the race was rescheduled and everything was fine.”

    talk about the understatement of the year!!! do you know how much of a logistical nightmare this was delay the race one day? hotels and flights needed to rebooked for all motogp personnel (riders, mechs, engineers, managers, cameramen, directors, technicians, commentators, etc). containers and freight need to be rescheduled to fly all the ordinance to japan. it was a huge undertaking which probably cost millions. and i thought motogp was trying to cut back on spending…

    • Grant Ray

      Actually, Pete, I do. Which is why I started the sentence downplaying conditions that most humans wouldn’t ride in even under penalty of death.

  • geonerd

    if rossi leaves motogp, that will be the end for the series. in which case all those guys would move into WSBK and a bunch of factory guys would lose their rides. but the racing would be primo!

    • SJY

      Rossi leaving GP would not be the end of the series. Do you realize how huge this series is around the world? Even with out Rossi GP will stick around for a while.

      However Rossi vs Spies would be exciting. I wish for Rossi and Bayless to do a wild card race together this year for WSBK…lets find out who the best in the world is for that weekend.